This Is Us Season 3: Cast, EPs Tease Zoe-Centric Episode, Ghost Homage

Those This Is Us‘ character-centric episodes keep piling up: Melanie Liburd’s Zoe will be the focus of an upcoming Season 3 episode, the show’s creator confirmed Tuesday.

Dan Fogelman announced Zoe’s hour during a post-premiere panel discussion in Los Angeles, saying that all of The Big 3’s significant others — including new series regular Liburd — will get the standalone-episode treatment this season.

The news follows announcements that the NBC drama will examine Beth and Toby’s pre-Pearson lives; a Miguel episode also is in the works, star Jon Huertas told TVLine in July.

During the panel, Chris Sullivan joked that Toby’s episode — which is Episode 5 — is “insufferable,” then added that Fogelman and K.J. Steinberg wrote a beautiful script. Fogelman chimed in that the hour made everyone in the editing bay cry, and Sullivan’s co-star Chrissy Metz later said that her favorite scene from the season takes place in that episode.

The panel also allowed the cast and EP to tease other Season 3 tidbits, including:

* Episode 3 will feature a scene from early on in Rebecca and Jack’s courtship that may remind you of another well-known screen romance. “There’s a scene I love so much, like Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze doing pottery,” Fogelman said, referring to Ghost‘s iconic scene.

* “We’ll live in the past quite a bit this season,” the EP said, adding that stars Milo Ventimiglia and Justin Hartley were heading to Vietnam to shoot exterior footage.

* Didn’t recognize the guy that showed up at Rebecca’s door? You weren’t supposed to — and Fogelman declined to shed any light on the suitor’s identity. — With reporting by Diane Gordon

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