This Is What Happened To Monica Keena From Dawson’s Creek

Oh, Abby Morgan! Dawson’s Creek fans either loved her or hated her… or they loved to hate her. She was the rebellious teen, who took Jen Lindley (played by the incomparable Michelle Williams) under her heavy-partying wing. The two got into some trouble, to say the least. But even if Abby wasn’t the best influence on her peers at Capeside High, her exit from the series was no less than tragic.

While it’s been more than two whole decades since the WB show made its debut (time flies, huh?!), the series is gaining popularity all over again, thanks to the ability to now stream Dawson’s Creek on Netflix. For that very reason, we won’t spoil exactly what happens to dear Abby, but let’s just say, she was sorely missed.

So, what’s Abby’s off-screen counterpart up to these days? In other words, how has actress Monica Keen kept busy in the time since she left Dawson’s Creek? Let’s take a peek.

Monica Keena has stayed busy after her 'Dawson's Creek' days

After starring alongside Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, and Michelle Williams on Dawson’s Creek, it’s not like Monica Keena’s acting career dried up. She may not have become as huge of a name as her Creek co-stars, but per IMDb, she’s more than kept busy in the years since her late ’90s role.

Some TV highlights from Keena’s résumé include playing Rachel on Undeclared, Kristen on Entourage, and various voices on Beavis and Butt-Head. She even had a cameo on Grey’s Anatomy, as well as Private Practice. She notably starred as Lori in the 2003 movie Freddy vs. JasonMost recently, she appeared in a 2020 short called Klaus Eats Butterflies, while a few other projects are listed in pre-production.

As for social media, Keena’s Twitter hasn’t been active since 2015. There’s an Instagram account bearing her name that hasn’t posted since 2019 (which may actually just be a fan page). The good news? She is on Cameo, where you can book a video for just $60. Her bio on the platform reads, “I’m probably best known as Abby Morgan from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and Lori Campbell from ‘FREDDY vs JASON’ I love personal requests & telling you fun stories and behind the scenes scoop [wink].”

Aside from her Cameo account, Keena prefers to lay low, but at least she’ll always be Abby Morgan to Dawson’s fans, who can stream her episodes to their hearts’ content.

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