This Morning fan sobs as Phil Schofield invites her to studio after she thanks him for getting her through lockdown

A THIS Morning superfan broke down in tears today as Phillip Schofield invited her to the studio after she thanked him for getting her through lockdown.

Caller Michelle suffers from a chronic pain condition and has been shielding since February with minimal human contact.

Aside from the hour-and-a-half each day she sees her carer, Phil and the This Morning team on the telly are all she has for company.

As she began speaking to the show host, she broke down in tears and told the humbled star just how important he was to her.

"I have a sofa at the end of my bed and instead of having people I have you there," she sobbed.

"You just brighten my world, and you make me happy with everything that's going on."

A moved Phil replied: "I don't know what to say. That's really lovely."

Bed-bound Michelle told how her daughter is at university, and if it wasn't for Phil "I wouldn't have got through it."

Before ending the call, she asked if the show had considered using women in wheelchairs for its fashion segments.

Phil said it had been done before but not nearly enough.

He added: "When we're allowed, would you want to come down?"

His kind off left Michelle ecstatic, and she told him: "Oh please. I'd love to come down and give you a hug. Yes please. Yes! Yes!

"I love you so much. You are all so amazing and make a difference."

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