This Morning fans baffled as Holly and Phil are taught how to 'hug a tree to bring happiness' in bizarre segment

THIS Morning fans were left baffled today as Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were taught how to "hug a tree to bring happiness" in a bizarre segment.

The pair were joined via video segment by Jim Tubbs Galley, who was educating viewers on what he called the "ultimate lockdown remedy".

The nature lover told the hosts that hugging trees was the "key to helping the spirit of loneliness", which makes it perfect amid the UK's third national lockdown.

Holly, 39, was on board immediately, telling green-bearded Jim: "I love a tree; they are solid structures, their roots go into the ground… They have been around forever so must hold a lot of energy."

The hypnotherapist then revealed that her name has strong earthy connections, explaining: "With your surname, Willow, that strength and balance – your name could mean that.

"Trees give off chemicals, they help people – it might seem silly at first but then they get a rush of good endorphins."

And Jim's technique appeared to do the trick, with Holly and Phil both beaming as they closed their eyes and wrapped their arms around a tree each in the studio.

Poking fun at Phil's West End career, Jim playfully started singing Any Dream Will Do as he kicked off their guided meditation.

However, he then became serious as he told the presenters: "Holly, think of your name of balance and strength.

"You are both amazing, you bring joy and love to people, but you've got to look after yourself first and that's what it's about.

"It sounds hippy-ish but let's be a bit hippy-ish."

And the stars agreed, admitting that they could "feel the energy" as Holly quipped: "It just feels lovely to hug anything right now."

But fans at home found the whole thing hilarious, flocking to Twitter to share their reaction.

One perplexed viewer asked: "Why tf have I turned on the tv to see Phil and Holly hugging trees?"

Another wrote: "Holly and Phil hugging trees as the tree expert quotes Joseph lyrics is why I’m off work this week".

A third tweeted: "Did Holly just ask ‘can you show us how to hug a tree’, can’t cope."

One more echoed: "Hug a tree??? WTF IS THIS MADNESSES??? The pubs have been shut for too long."

This is not the first time that This Morning has involved trees in the show, with fans previously left in hysterics when Alison Hammond attempted to interview one during another hilarious episode.

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