This Morning viewers appalled by deformed dog who was shot by twisted children

This Morning viewers had their hearts broken by the sorry appearance of two abused dogs on the ITV show today.

Millie the dog had her face smashed in by a group of children who then shot her in the head, according to her rescuer Kasey Carlin.

The battered pooch sat on the sofa with presenters Eamonn Holmes and Rochelle Humes as her horrific injuries were explained by Dr Scott Miller.

He said: “So bless Millie here, she was only just a few months old in Russia when she was cruelly attacked by some children, unfortunately.

“Her face was bashed in and then when they thought they’d gone too far they tried to euthanise her by shooting her and unfortunately it didn’t work."

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But Millie was not an ordinary puppy and managed to pull through – and is now a fully-trained a therapy dog.

Dr Scott said: “So at the moment, even with the catastrophic injuries she has suffered she still has slug pellets in her head now.

“But what you can see is clearly a dog who wanted to live and wanted to survive.”

Millie appeared on the show alongside her canine pal Maggie – who is totally blind as a result of abuse.

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Dog-lovers were left in a state of disbelief at the cruelty the pooches endured, with many venting their anger on Twitter.

One person wrote: "What gorgeous dogs Casey and Maggie are. To think that anybody could inflict such abhorrent cruelty repulses me. Despite what they have been through, they hold no grudges.

"I hope Karma reaps revenge on those vermin who done this. #thismorning"

Another person tweeted: "I missed the beginning of this segment but if 'humans' (I use the term loosely) did this to these poor dogs then they deserve the worst kind of karma. Bless this lady for taking them in. #thismorning"

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