This Morning viewers baffled as student reveals she earns £60K a year for whispering

Drama student Sophie Michelle Goodall appeared on the show to talk about her YouTube videos, which has over 250,000 subscribers.

Host Eamonn Holmes was just as perplexed by her job as viewers at home, and after watching a clip of her work he said: "That's my nightmare, that's one of the most irritating things I've ever come across.

"But I'm not dismissing that for a lot of people, and you have an amazing following, this works for them."

Sophie explained what she does is known as ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

She said: "It's basically a tingling sensation which starts at the top of your head and goes down your back and your spine."

She added that people use it to relax or help them go to sleep, and makes videos as people can benefit from the visual side of what she does.

Host Ruth Langsford told viewers Sophie can earn around £60k a year for her videos, which she uses to pay her tuition fees and update her equipment.

Sophie replied: "It all depends on the month, it's all down to ad revenue and how many people watch the videos or how long they watch them for.

"But you can some decent money."

She then demonstrated what she does with a microphone, whispering and finger fluttering while Eamonn looked completely baffled.

Viewers at home felt the same, with one writing on Twitter: "This is unbearable, end it now!"

Another added: "She earns SIXTY THOUSAND POUNDS a year from whispering on YouTube???"

A third tweeted: "60k a year for whispering? Wow what am I doing wrong in life."

But other viewers were big advocates of Sophie's work and ASMR, with one writing: "Sophie Michelle sends me to sleep every night!! I don’t know how I would’ve slept for the past 5 years without asmr! Life savers."

Another agreed, writing: "Yeah people are taking the p*** BUT honestly it really, really helps me get to sleep and eases my restless leg syndrome. Yeah it's not for everyone, but for me it's lovely."

And a third posted: "ASMR is helpful to some people with anxiety or depression. No need to be so unkind about it. Sophie takes time to create her videos and your comments are encouraging people to ridicule her. It's not for everyone, but no need to mock."

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