This Morning's Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby horrified as pancake cook talks 'toss-a-thon' with her sister

THIS Morning's Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were horrified as a pancake cook talked about having a "toss-a-thon" with her sister.

The ITV daytime show had cook Juliet Sear on to show viewers how to make pancakes ahead of Trove Tuesday next week.

However, the pair started pulling faces as she mentioned of her own Pancake Day tradition: a "toss-a-thon".

Speaking while cooking pancakes, Juliet said: "I don't know about you, but for me, pancake day is more about the fun.

"So when I was little she used to have a "toss-a-thon" with my sister. And I would wrestle my mum to the pan."

Phillip pulled a face while Holly looked like she was holding back a laugh as the chef continued.

She added: "Make sure that it's completely released before you start tossing otherwise you're going to end up in trouble.

"In actual fact, do you want to have a toss-a-thon with me? Just bringing in Ruby here. So let's have a pancake toss-a-thon."

After this, Phillip looks off screen while Holly keeps her composure.

However, viewers were being much less cool – as they were left in hysterics by the phrasing.

One person said: "I love a good toss a thon me"

Another added: "For the record, I have never had a toss-athon with my sister…"

A third remarked: "A pancake toss-a-thon?!" with a gif of George Takei winking to the camera.

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