'Too Hot to Handle' Producer Explains How They Priced Sexual Acts on the Show

The cast of Too Hot to Handle was repeatedly shocked by how they were charged for breaking the rules. All sexual acts took away from their grand prize on the Netflix show.

But how was it decided how much a kiss would cost them? The executive producers of the new show talked about how they came up with prices and more.

‘Too Hot to Handle’ challenged the cast to not have sex

The Netflix show starts with 10 singles staying on a resort together for a month. They’re not allowed to have any sexual contact from kissing to sex. If they don’t, then they will win $100,000. The cast is also not allowed to masturbate.

However, every time they do sexually touch they will be charged. Each act is charged differently with a kiss being $3,000, oral sex being $6,000, and intercourse being $20,000.

The cast was shocked by the rules

The show repeatedly claimed new cast members were told about the rules when they started filming. Nicole O’Brien revealed what she was told with Collider.

“They said it was a dating show, so I instantly assume, ‘Okay, Love Island vibes, maybe. I go in, I meet a fit boy, might come out with a boyfriend,’” she said. She then gave her reaction to the big twist.

“Then it just did a complete turn, and it’s the complete opposite in terms of how I pictured myself finding someone because you’re not allowed to do anything,” the reality star said. “So yeah, I thought I was gonna find someone and, you know, we had bits and pieces of people, but people have to stay tuned and watch how my journey turns out.”

A producer revealed how they priced sexual acts

The cast was able to catch on to how much they would be charged for violating the rules after being punished. However, different sexual acts come with different prices. A producer explained how they come up with these prices.

“There were these sort of long discussions to work out what was the right amount to be a penalty when they got it, but people could still work with that,” executive producer Jonno Richards told The Wrap. “It wasn’t like there was a bar tab up on the wall saying, ‘this is what x costs, this is what y costs.’”

Executive producer Viki Kolar said they wanted to find a balance with the charges. “We wanted to make it acceptable to break the rules so that we would have a show, but we also didn’t want to be too much about the money …” said Kolar. “We felt that $20,000 for sex was big enough, but it was those middle ground things that were a big debate. We eventually settled on $6,000 [for oral sex], but I think that was a bit cheap, as well.”

The cast was definitely not happy to get penalized with any amount after someone broke the rules. Fans will have to watch the whole season to see if they are left with any money in the end.

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