Towie's Gemma Collins and James Argent baby plans backed by Bobby Norris as he believes "it'll make them stronger"

The pair fell out in the last episode of the ITVBe show after Arg, 30, had apprehensions over whether he was ready to start a family.

Now Gemma’s good friend Bobby, 31, has backed the couple saying they are in love and solid.

Speaking at last night’s Barefoot House of Sole party, he said: “They seem really loved up and it's a pleasure to see. I'm really glad she's found her Prince Charming.

“I'm glad he's happy. And I love love – I love people being in love, so yeah I love that they're in love.

“They've been through a lot over the years. They've kind of been on and off, on and off, and do you know what, if they get through it, it’ll only make them stronger.”

Mum of one Chloe Sims, 36, had warned both the GC and Arg they aren’t ready to start a family as he is too immature and have had relationship issues, more recently about him going to Spain.

He even conceded Gemma, 37, was “more ready” to have a child than him but he insisted he’d be a good dad.

In Sunday’s episode of The Only Way Is Essex, Arg said: “There’s no way me and Gemma should even be considering having kids until we’re stable and secure.”

He added: “When we’re bad, we’re really bad.”

The GC revealed they had an argument which resulted in him telling her he wouldn't speak to her for four days whilst in Spain.

She added: “We was having a really bad time. I’ve got a boyfriend that I never see.”

But the pair made up at the end of the episode with them even laughing over Arg mistaking her Femfresh for deodorant.

In an emotional moment, Arg gushed to Gemma: “I genuinely love you and I do see a future with you.

“I’m looking at you now and telling you that I do see you as my long-term partner and the mother of my children.

“But right now we’re not ready to have kids until we’re stable and settled.”

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