TV Does Groundhog Day: 21 Shows That Got Thrown for a Time Loop

Does Groundhog Day remind you of a certain Harold Ramis film starring a particularly beloved Ghostbuster? Same. But rewinds and replays happen all the time on the small screen as well, plopping favorite characters in perilous time loops that send them on missions to save family members, save themselves, avert tragedies and… defeat a monkey paw? Yes, that too.

From Mulder and Scully’s booming bank bomb and the Green Arrow’s pre-Crisis test, to The Mindy Project‘s never-ending ride on the Hot Mess Express, time loops have become one of TV’s tried-and-true methods of storytelling.

Team TVLine has picked 21 of the most memorable and twisted time loops that TV has thrown at us over the years. While some may have been comedic crests in a sea of larger storylines, others ended with devastating (read: fatal) consequences once the clock stopped rewinding. In a couple of cases (lookin’ at you, Russian Doll!), mind-bending loops comprise entire premises — seriously, we don’t know if Nadia will ever live a single day after her 36th birthday, but we can’t wait to find out.

The attached gallery has it all, from witches (Charmed) and superheroes (Cloak & Dagger), to vampires (Angel) and not one but multiple Star Treks.  Review our favorite time loop episodes in the gallery above — or click here for direct access — then tell us about the ones you remember best in the comments! 

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