Tyson Fury's wife says his mental health pushed marriage 'to breaking point'

Paris Fury says husband Tyson Fury’s mental health struggles have pushed them both ‘to breaking point’.

She has stood by the boxer on his mental health journey, which she says has helped her learn about depression.

But it wasn’t easy for her having to ‘pick up the pieces’ on her own while also raising their children.

Speaking on Tuesday’s Loose Women, Paris, 30, said: ‘It got to breaking point in our home, we struggled very hard with it, Tyson struggled, and as the person behind the scenes, I was the only one there on a daily basis trying to pick up the pieces every time he had a breakdown.

‘It made me stronger, but there were times I was crying alone.’

She also touched on how mental health also has a impact on those around the person struggling.

‘It was crucial at the time that we were together, because otherwise I think he would have gone over the edge completely,’ Paris went on.

‘It made me stronger, but there were times I was crying alone.’

Tyson and Paris have been married since 2009 and have daughters Venezuela, ten, and two-year-old Valencia Amber, and sons Prince Adonis, one, Prince Tyson, three and Prince John James, seven.

She also spoke about the early days of their relationship, having first met when they were teenagers.

Paris said: ‘Tyson lived in Manchester and I lived in Doncaster, about 100 miles away, and every spare moment he had he would drive through.

‘We’d go on picnics or to the cinema or for walks and he’d spend all week boxing training or earning money and on a weekend he would come and see me.’

Confessing that the 31-year-old was actually quite ‘shy’ as a person, she joked: ‘He was confident in his boxing, but he was quieter and he was a follow along.

‘He would stand funny and I’d say “Stand tall, why are you being shy” and I created the monster that is Tyson Fury today.’

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