U.S. Marine Sergeant John Peck To Be The Subject Of Barcroft-Produced Doc For Viacom’s Channel 5

The story of U.S. Marine Sergeant John Peck who lost both his arms and legs whilst serving in Afghanistan is to be the subject of a doc.


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Viacom’s Channel 5 has commissioned British factual producer Barcroft Studios to make a one-hour film about Peck, who underwent a ground-breaking bilateral arm transplant after losing his limbs in 2010.

The Man With Another Man’s Arms tells Peck’s story of dissatisfaction with his prosthetics, and determined to regain his independence, he put himself forward for ground-breaking surgery. After an arduous five-month wait, a donor was found and Peck underwent a bilateral arm transplant. The 16-hour surgery was just the beginning of John’s journey – over the months that ensued he faced a battle to re-learn how to use his donor arms and re-train his brain to interpret sensation, something that his prosthetics couldn’t offer. It’s now been three years since his surgery, with a regime of intensive physiotherapy and daily milestones to overcome, from brushing his teeth, doing his hair through to driving a car and he has made remarkable progress. But he also faces his biggest challenge yet – the risk that his body will reject his new arms.

The series was ordered by C5 factual commissioner Guy Davies and is exec produced by Barcroft Studios’ Peter Wyles and Lizzie Wingham. It is directed by Richie Carr.

ITV Studios Global Entertainment holds international distribution rights outside of the UK and is selling at Mip TV.

The recently rebranded Barcroft Studios is heading to Mip TV with a new slate of shows including Channel 4’s Sleeping with the Far Right and digital series including Too Fat to Dance, Homes on the Edge, Love Don’t Judge and Sickest Eats.  

“John is an amazing character who has had to deal with a huge life changing event while serving his country. He suffered horrific injuries, dealt with unique surgery and then embarked on a long road to recovery. John welcomed us into his world and provided amazing access to allow us to produce a moving and intimate film. He is a truly inspirational individual and it has been a real privilege for us to tell his incredible story” said Wyles.

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