UK’s youngest drag queen wows This Morning fans after describing transformation

Britain's youngest drag queen has wowed This Morning viewers after appearing on the show today.

Fabian Butler, 11, performs as Francheska Valley, and told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield how he glammed up in his mum's clothes from a young age.

The youngster from Wales, who performed at DragCon in London in January, also revealed how he liked to experiment with makeup.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield praised Fabian for his "great attitude" on the show after hearing about his journey to becoming a drag queen.

Speaking about how he first became a drag queen the youngster said: “Well about seven years ago I used to put on my mum's makeup and play around."

He then added: "At seven I tried to do makeup properly and started to do stuff properly."

Fabian then went on to share with Holly and Phil how he feels when taking the stage clad in heels and mesmerizing costumes.

After Holly asked how performing makes him feel, the confident Welsh native exclaimed: "I feel sassy, amazing, completely different and just I can do anything!"

His mum and dad started giggling and, impressed by his confidence, Phil replied: "What a great attitude to have!"

Holly added: "You want to bottle that!"

The TV appearance comes after Fabian's dad Darren spoke about accepting his son's love for drag – after struggling at first to come to terms with the idea of his little boy wearing dresses.

Darren said: "I go into charity shops with him to get heels and jewellery – I'm definitely making progress.

Phil explained: "He's been giving some of the older ones a run for their money."

Many This Morning fans took to Twitter to praise the youngster and his parents Darren and Rachel.

One wrote: "Fabian/Francesca on This Morning is absolutely FABULOUS."

A second said: "LOVE to see Fabian aka Francesca Valley’s dad being so understanding."

A third added: "This wee drag queen is the absolute best!! Long may you reign as Queen!!"

Fabian/Francheska explained: "I used to put on my mam's make-up and just mess around. Play around with her jewellery and that.

"At seven I started trying to make-up properly and putting dresses on."

He explained that the turning point came when he realised "there are other people like this, not just me".

Darren told how he first found Fabian's interest in drag "hard to accept".

He said: "I was born in the 70s and raised in the 80s and 90s when it was very much frowned upon.

"So when I did find out I thought it was just a phase he was going through. But then that phase got longer and longer and it hurt me.

"When you have a boy your expectations are that they do boys stuff. But I tried that stuff with Fabian and it didn't work – he's just a natural performer.

"I still have my moment where it's hard to accept but I fully support him now."

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