Ulrika Jonsson hits out at ‘debilitating’ SAS experience after being ‘gassed’

Ulrika Jonsson has described her appearance on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins as "debilitating" after taking on the challenges set out by hardman Ant Middleton.

The latest series sees a group of celebrities taking to the Scottish Hebrides for a string of gruelling tasks as part of SAS training that sees them put through their paces.

Ulrika, 54, found herself being gassed in the first episode of the latest series, an experience she described as unpleasant and would not like to go through again.

Discussing her gassing experience, Ulrika said: "I mean, to say that it took my breath away is an understatement."

She continued: "I've never experienced, obviously, anything like that, that your first intake of breath is like someone pouring acid in your throat, and in your nose and in your eyes.

"It was incredibly debilitating."

Series three of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins sees the group tackling a nerve-wracking obstacle course before they are later faced with a hostage situation.

While this may appear to be everyone's worst nightmare, Ulrika says it was the build-up to being gassed that was the most horrifying.

"I think the worst thing was the anticipation because nobody tells you anything," she said.

The former weather presenter said she may have performed better if she hadn't been issued a warning ahead of the painful ordeal.

She went on to say: "That's the best thing in the world because if someone says, 'this is what's going to happen', you will have time to build up fear.

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"They start shouting at you and you're scared, you can't take in the information. So I was like, I just want to say, 'Hang on. Sorry, what did you say? What do I have to do?'"

However, her SAS coaches were not prepared to beat around the bush with the celebrities, with Ulrika explaining: "And of course they're like, 'F**k off! Get on in there and just do the job.'"

Despite the experience having the strength to make or break or person, Ulrika claims that she found herself after walking away from the challenge.

Explaining her discovery, she said: "I just came back from it with a different kind of inner strength.

"I'm not a fully changed person and I still have a hangover of all the other insecurities and stuff that I have.

"But it's so good to have that experience in your back pocket and to refer back to it every so often, when I forget I just look at the tattoo of Raasay under my boob!"

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins airs Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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