Umbrella Academy boss reveals how cast pulled off ‘nuts’ super-powered tank battle in Netflix’s season 2 premiere

THE Umbrella Academy boss has revealed how the cast pulled offthe ‘nuts’ super-powered tank battle in Netflix’s season two premiere.

The second season of the hit show premiered on the streaming service today and the opening episode doesn't waste any time.

*Spoilers ahead for season two of The Umbrella Academy*

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The first minutes of episode one sees the seven siblings caught in another apocalypse, with tanks and nuclear bombs aplenty.

The show's creator Steve Blackman has now revealed it was filmed to "look like one fluid shot", with him telling Digital Spy: "So even though we had secret cuts, it flows together almost perfectly."

Show bosses also used lots of computer wizardry to build the apocalyptic world the siblings find themselves in, with Steve adding that the only thing in the scene was "the actors, the tank, and a bit of debris."

"Nothing else was actually shot there. It's all bluescreen, so it's a pretty amazing thing to pull off," he explained.

He continued: "It was important for me that we started very big. And I wanted to show the audience that right away they hit this challenge, they're all out of time, and they come together. And the world ends right away.

"This is how challenging season two is going to be."

That description was certainly apt for actor David Castañeda – also known as Number Two – who described the opening scenes as "nuts".

Speaking about filming the scenes, he said: "Oh, man, that was the hardest day in Toronto, I remember, and we had to shoot it in this junkyard.

"They had built this huge set. It was my first time trying all of this gear that I was going to be wearing at the end of the season.

"And I remember thinking, 'First of all, this is nuts, how big the sets have gotten'."

But despite how hard it was, David believes it was well worth it, adding of the end result: "[It's] amazing."

The Umbrella Academy season two premieres on Netflix today.

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