‘Want their cake and eat it’ Piers in fierce plus-size model debate with Michelle Mone

Piers Morgan, 54, and Susanna Reid, 48, were joined by lingerie tycoon Michelle, 48, and television personality Lizzy Cundy, 49, on today’s edition of Good Morning Britain, with plus-sized Victoria Secret Model Ali Tate-Cutler giving her thoughts via a video link. With the American explaining a change is needed to ensure all body sizes can walk the runway, the host asked why, with Michelle offering an opposing view.

The guest told Piers: “So basically I believe that skinny doesn’t sell anymore. It’s body positivity that sells,” as she put over the idea all sizes need to be included.

Referring to an image of the slimmer framed Victoria Secret models posing on the runway, the host hit back: “I don’t think these are what I would call skinny, skinny ladies, like the Victoria Beckham models which I think sends a completely negative body image.

“The other way is if you’re using skeletal models, that’s a really bad bad negative thing.

“These Victoria Secret models as you said, they’re very athletic, they’re bursting with body positivity,” the presenter opined as he tried to understand the need for change.


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“They just happen to be quite slim,” he continued, to which Michelle said: “Well, I don’t actually agree with that.”

On why she thinks the slimmer frame could be dangerous, the entrepreneur said: “That’s the first time I’ve not agreed with you but these model, you might see they to the gym, but do they sit there and do they eat as much as we all eat?

“They look healthy, don’t they?” Piers asked as he tried to understand the guest’s point of view.

“You don’t look a them and think they look unwell or unhealthy. They all look very healthy,” he continued.

Susanna commented: “Whatever their own personal diet and circumstances are exercise plans are, it’s extraordinary how shapes have changed.”

Explaining why the change needs to be made to include plus-sized models on the runway, Susanna went on to give the statistics.

“1998 the vital statistics of a Victoria Secret’s show model – chest 36, waist 23, hips 26 – and last year – chest 32, waist 22, hips 22.

“As women get bigger, Victoria Secret’s models are getting skinnier,” the host continued.

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There’d be outrage

Piers Morgan

Later on in the interview, Lizzy said: “There’s one rule for woman and another for men,” to which Piers explained the defence of his argument to try and balance the scales.

“I don’t have issue with size 16 models. I do have a slight issue with women wanting their cake and eat it.

“They want their male models to all be absolute stripping ripped hunks and then suddenly if you say, ‘Ladies, the male models are all going to be 20 stone with beer bellies,’ there’d be outrage.”

Michelle then tried to offer her view point, telling the host: “Piers, it’s not just about the marketing campaigns, the product has to move on with the time as well.


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“I’ve been out of the lingerie industry for five years – I had to be – it was part of my contract when I sold Ultimo but I’m coning back next year.

“I’ve created this bra. It’s going to be for all ages and all women and all sizes,” the entrepreneur explained.

After hearing all the different view points, the presenter finally accepted his stance needed to change and the guests had changed his mind.

“This is not a hill I want to die on. Ali, I think you’ve won me over,” he told the American Victoria Secret model.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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