Watch Michael B. Jordan Punch Jimmy Kimmel in the Face

But don’t worry! Kimmel wanted it.

Michael B. Jordan punched Jimmy Kimmel in the face at the late-night host’s request on Tuesday’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"I’d like to try something," the comedian said to the "Creed II" actor. "I don’t know how this is gonna look, but what I would like you to do, if you don’t mind, is punch me."

"But I don’t wanna be hurt!" he added. "What I want you to do is punch me in slow motion, and what we’ll do is I’ll react in slow motion, and then we’ll speed it up so it looks like you punched me really hard."

MBJ was down, but he wanted to "do it right." With the audience as his witness, he instructed Kimmel to sip some water and hold it in his mouth. When the actor struck Kimmel’s face, Kimmel was to spit it out dramatically, making it look like authentic spit.

"On the count of three, alright?" MJB said to his next pretend victim. "One, two, three."

Kudos to Kimmel, who made it look quite believable — and the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" team, who made sure the backdrop behind him "shattered" to pieces when he flew back.

MBJ also chatted about shooting a scene with Kimmel that wound up being cut from "Creed II," posing alongside a real wolf for his GQ cover, and how he plans on celebrating Thanksgiving this year.

Over the summer, the actor stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" — in character — to shoot a faux interview for the movie.

"Listen, everybody in that scene was great," he assured Kimmel. "But we had one weak link."

"It was me and you and Tessa Thompson in the scene," Kimmel said, to which MBJ replied, "And me and Tessa’s in the rest of the movie."

Regarding his recent GQ cover, MBJ assured Kimmel and his audience that the wolf was "not Photoshopped."

"They said, ‘He’s trained and he’s safe and he’s totally calm, but don’t look him directly in the eyes,’" the actor recalled of the shoot. "I definitely looked him in the eyes once or twice."

When Kimmel asked his guest about his Thanksgiving plans, he replied, "Thanksgiving this year is a little intense. I’m flying to Johannesburg, South Africa, to promote ‘Creed II.’"

"Is that what you told your family, or is that really what you’re doing?" Kimmel quipped.

Watch MBJ’s full interview in the videos above.

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