Watch a TERRIFYING New Trailer For The "Purge" TV Show

Not content with a slew of films – including The First Purge, the fourth movie in the series, set to premiere on July 4th – the Purge franchise has branched out into the world of television. The “10-episode television event” is set to premiere on Tuesday, September 4 on the USA Network, and welp, it looks just as horrifying as its cinematic counterparts. If not more so, actually?

Despite earlier reports that series wouldn’t actually take place on the infamous “Purge Night,” the show’s executive producer James DeMonaco recently clarified that it will feature heavily. “We follow four what-seem-to-be separate storylines of people going out on the evening and experiencing the Purge,” he explained earlier this year. Per the series’ officialsynopsis:

Given the trailer, it appears the show will lean in to the sociopolitical narratives the movie series has developed — specifically those relating to race, politics, and privilege in the Purge universe.

Praising the benefits of taking a story such as The Purge to television, DeMonaco added: “The real estate of the 10 hours of the TV allows us to use flashback, where we flashback out of the Purge world, into the regular lives, the non-Purge days, of this future America… We get to see who these people are when it’s not Purge Night and the events that led them to where they are on the particular Purge Night that we are following.”

In other words, then, 10 hours-worth of storytelling is going to end up being much more intense (read: scary) than 2 hours in a cinema. Also, more time for all those fucked up Purge Night masks?!

From: Digital Spy

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