Wendy Williams rips 'boring' Bachelor Matt James as a 'mama's boy' and demands he 'get a backbone' after finale backlash

WENDY Williams bashed Bachelor star, Matt James, slamming him as 'boring' and a 'mama's boy."

The daytime talk show host demanded he 'get a backbone' after the show's finale backlash.

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Wendy said of Matt breaking up with Racheal: "He doesn't want her back. I would say he prob has a girlfriend by now too. But you know what he's probably sitting there saying 'What had happened?'"

She also criticized him for leaning on his mom to advise his relationship and ultimately picking Rachael saying: "Boring Matt is also a mama's boy… Matt should make his own decisions."

Wendy also slammed Matt for claiming he doesn't want to be the man his father was "to cheat on racist Rachael and run off and start a whole new family. So get a backbone, Matt"

At the final rose ceremony, Matt picked Rachael over Michelle Young, as his girlfriend, not fiancee, but he later broke up with her following her racism scandal.

While the season was airing, photos of Rachael resurfaced showing her attending an “Antebellum” plantation party in 2018. 

On last night's After the Final Rose special, Matt confirmed he and Rachael were no longer together.

She broke down in tears as he said she "didn't fully understand my blackness and what it means to be a Black man in America and what it would mean for kids."

Matt added that seeing the photos "broke my heart

When Rachael was asked to explain how she is different today than in 2018, she said that he was "the only reason" she joined the show.

The contestant added: "I've never experienced a love like this. I don't see anyone else out there for me. At this point, I just don't see how I can have these same feelings for someone else."

She wiped tears away before stating: "All I want is for you to be happy and I just want what's best for you and I am sorry.

"I thank God for ever putting you in my life to begin with.

Former show host Chris Harrison 49, was also accused of "perpetuating racism" during an interview on Extra with Rachel Lindsay, the show's first Black Bachelorette.

Following the backlash, it was announced the longtime host will not be returning to host the next seasons of The Bachelorette. 

Former leads Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe will replace Chris for the on-camera role, which will air later this year.

Meanwhile, Wendy recently went out with Mike Esterman who she met on her show's dating game.

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