‘Westworld’ Cast Reveals They Are Confused by Show’s Timeline Too

Stars Jeffrey Wright and Evan Rachel Wood say they felt disoriented during the filming of season 2 with the later adding that it takes a long time for them to figure out what episodes they were actually filming.

It appears that fans are not the only ones confused by HBO’s “Westworld” storyline. The cast of the dystopian series revealed that they’re as confused as fans are, saying at the New York premiere of “Westworld” season 2 at the Tribeca Film Festival that they actually didn’t know the order of the episodes while filming the new season.

“If you discover that everything about who you are, all the promises that were made to you, your identity is all a lie, it is something that we can all relate to,” Thandie Newton, who plays host Maeve, confessed at the panel which was also attended by executive producers Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. “You have to expand and find a deeper understanding, a deeper love. But she’s a robot so how the f**k she going to do that?”

“The ways in which we manipulate time will be a little more aboveground this season because [the hosts are] aware now that they’re a little lost in time,” Joy added. “But they’re still lost.”

Cast members Jeffrey Wright and Evan Rachel Wood, who play Bernard and Dolores respectively, later admitted that they were confused by the timeline both on and off screen due to “time slippage” that their characters experience.

“[The scenes] were filmed in a sequence designed to completely disorient me,” Wright said during the panel.

He continued, “It was really a fun exercise in that it required me to try and understand the specifics of the moment that served the interest of the character. I think I described it as Bernard waking up on the beach or in a mud pile in the middle of Woodstock having eaten the wrong acid.”

“I felt more confused [during] season two, when I was supposed to have more information,” Wood echoed Wright’s remark. She then whispered to Wright, “There were even some days where we showed up on season two and we’d be, ‘Hey, hey um, what episode is this?’ And you went, ‘I don’t know.’ Or we’d go, ‘It’s seven no it’s three no it’s seven,’ and the person would go like, ‘It’s one.’ And then it ends up being four.”

“Westworld” season 2 premieres on April 22 at 9 P.M. on HBO.

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