This Westworld fan theory casts a whole new light on Maeve

Maeve: she’s (apparently) the first Host to achieve true consciousness. When she stepped off the train in search of her daughter at the end of season one, rather than submit to the secret narrative written for her, she explicitly overrode her own programming.

(Yes, Dolores might be conscious too, but she’s kind of confused right now from what we can tell and we’re not 100 per cent sure about her.)

Anyway, a Reddit user suggested that the mother-template Host in the new opening credits looks a lot like Maeve. (Follow that link to see the evidence, because the pic below is unconvincing.)

Big deal – we know Maeve is a mother. But another Redditor pointed out that “Maeve” is another way of writing “Ma Eve” – as in the mythical progenitor of the human race.

It’s not a huge stretch to suggest that, like Blade Runner 2049, Westworld might be exploring the possibility of robotic procreation. Is Maeve going to be the first actual Host mother, with a ‘real’ Host child? (As opposed to a child-sized Host programmed to think of her as her mother, and vice versa.)

Because the mother and baby hosts in the opening credits would seem to suggest that’s a thing that’s going to happen.

It’s the sort of twist hidden in plain sight that showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy love, much like last season’s ‘William is the Man in Black’, which also sounded stupid until the evidence kept piling up.

But the fans have taken it one step further. What if Maeve isn’t going to become the ‘Eve’ of a new race, because she already is, and it’s a secret Ford kept from everyone – including Maeve? Specifically, Maeve’s daughter is the first host to have been born, not constructed.

This is all the purest and airiest of pure and airy speculation and should be taken with a pinch of salt, but doesn’t it sound like exactly the sort of thing this show would try to pull off? Doesn’t it investigate exactly the sort of questions this show is interested in?

Oh, and the Redditors weren’t satisfied with that. Because if you accept that Maeve’s daughter is “alive” and grows, she’s not going to be a small child any more. She could have been born any time in the last thirty or so years, as long as it was more than seven or eight years ago. (Because that’s how old she appeared to be in the flashbacks last year.)

All of which means the “girl” could now be 30 years old. Who else on the show is under 30 and could plausibly share Thandie Newton’s DNA?

Charlotte Hale, Executive Director of Delos.

Of course, that might just be a racially insensitive bit of idle thinking: “Hey – they must be related, and if not, let’s make them be related to reduce their independent agency as characters in their own right.” In fact, it probably is just that, and should be discarded as a theory because of it.

But it is also possible, narratively.

The one fly in the ointment is that we know the Man in Black shot and killed Maeve’s daughter at some point in recent history. Child-sized Hosts can be repaired, but can Host children?

And if they can, what couldn’t a sentient, growing, learning Host eventually do? A being like that would inherit the Earth.

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