Westworld fans predict Dolores will kill herself in harrowing season 3 clone twist – The Sun

KEEN Westworld fans think they've uncovered an upcoming major plot twist which involves killing herself.

A fan on Reddit has foreshadowed Dolores' potentially tragic outcome based on an image from an upcoming episode.

The Reddit user titled the thread, 'Foreshadowing, literally. Dolores will destroy her self' and argued why they think her end is on the horizon.

The image on which they base their hypothesis shows Dolores standing in a dark tunnel with a gun pointed at a wall, as he shadow points a gun directly back at her.

The theory is that the clones Dolores has made of herself – where she killed humans and replaced them with hosts with her brain – will eventually turn on her.
Past Westworld moments back this theory are when Dolores Hale said she felt like Charlotte Hale was “fighting back”.

Bernard also suggests to Dolores Connells that he knows the bodyguard’s Dolores orb is giving her grief too.

This could be because there is incompatibility between the AI orb and the body, but also because the clones are living drastically different lives, with their own experiences and this is shaping their own unique views on the world.

Those very distinct world views and motives could all turn against the original Dolores, where she might end up battling her copies or just take her own life to end the conflict.

Some Reddit users agreed with the original thread, with one writing: "Assuming these copies haven't been altered to be subservient to Boss Dolores, each of them will in time develop disparate priorities as they each have different experiences."

Another wrote: "Making that many copies of yourself is bound to go haywire in some way."

But if Dolores does come to a grisly end this season, it might not be by her own hand.

She is also in hot water with Rehoboam co-founder Engerraund Serac.

In the latest episode, Genre, Serac is left furious after Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) reveals its humans that are stuck in routines they cannot break after Rehoboam uses its power to predict and then mould future events based on people's data.

After Dolores and her team publicise what is going on, and that people's jobs, relationships and even deaths can be predicted, all hell breaks loose, and Serac is baying for blood.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Vincent said of his character coming face to face with Dolores for the first time: "I don't think he really sees her as 'somebody.' He sees her as 'something.'

"He sees her as a disease, really, that he has to cure his world from.

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