What happened to Toby and Kate in This is Us?

THIS IS US ended season five on a high note — with a wedding between two cast members.

And one of the cast members getting married was none other than Kate Pearson (played by Chrissy Metz).

What happened to Toby and Kate in This is Us?

On the This is Us season five finale, it was revealed that Kate and Toby were no longer together.

Instead, Kate was shown to be marrying Phillip (played by Chris Geere), her new boss at the music school.

This was very shocking to fans of both the couple and the show.

And there was no shortage of theories on the Internet about how that could have happened.

When did Toby and Kate go wrong?

While the demise of Kate and Toby's relationship was shocking to This is Us fans, it's something that the show's creator had been hinting at for quite some time.

The first time fans got a hint of something being amiss was in season three of the show.

In the flash-forward shown during the season finale, it was revealed that Kate and Toby weren't together.

Many fans were speculating if Kate had died, or if Kate and Toby had merely divorced.

What happens next on This is Us?

While it's not clear how Kate and Phillip first get together, let alone how they get married, the show's creator always made clear that Kate and Toby weren't meant to last forever.

"[It's] a plot point we’ve known was coming for quite some time,” said Dan Fogelman to THR.

"We’ve hinted many times in the deeper future that something was amiss between [Kate] and [Toby]; it’s been part of our plan all along."

He also said that the cast has already started filming some of the last season of the show.

The sixth season of This is Us will be the final one.

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