What Justin McSwain From My 600-Lb Life Is Up To Now

TLC’s My 600-lb Life has given us some amazing transformation stories. We’ve watched Tammy Patton reach impressive goals and she isn’t giving up anytime soon. Alicia Kirgan is another success story, but she wasn’t happy with how the show portrayed her partner, Tim Carter, along with other complaints about the show. Irene Walker was another brave person who joined the challenging show with happy results. But many are not so fortunate and the fans of the show have seen many tragic endings.

But this isn’t the case for Justin McSwain, a South Carolina native who had a success story on My 600-lb Life. When Justin met Dr. Nowzaradan at his first weigh-in, he was 688 pounds, according to The Cinemaholic. Justin’s struggles with food began as a child. His mother became addicted to painkillers, according to the Daily Mail, and her addiction worsened. His father remarried and Justin didn’t feel like he fit in with his new family and food became a comfort.

“When I wake up in the morning, I am in disbelief about how bad I let things get,” Justin said on My 600-lb Life (via the Daily Mail). “Because of how out of control my weight’s gotten, I’ve gotten so big now doing just about everything is difficult.” But things have really turned around for Justin. Here’s the happy news.

Dr. Now called Justin one of the 'most hardworking' patients of all time

Things changed for Justin McSwain when he decided to journey to Houston, Texas and meet with Dr. Nowzaradan. To qualify for gastric bypass surgery, Justin had to lose weight first, and so Dr. Now put him on a low-carb diet of 1,200 calories per day, according to the Daily Mail. It only took Justin two months to drop 92 pounds and Dr. Now approved him for surgery and he even lost another 86 pounds. Amazing!

Post-surgery, Justin hasn’t slowed down. He lost another 334 pounds by January 2019, weighing in at 354 pounds, per the outlet. Justin has continued to make progress and quite frankly, it’s awe-inspiring. He regularly updates fans on Instagram. Plus, Justin loves sharing photos of his Corgi, Finn, so we have many motivations to check out his social media and cheer him on.

Justin’s story is definitely an inspiration, one that fans have pointed out too. “By far the best person on the entire show! You are incredible,” one fan wrote on Instagram. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, Dr. Now was blown away by Justin’s journey, saying he was one of his “‘most hardworking’ patients of all time.”

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