Whatever Happened To Chase From Zoey 101?

Who could forget about Zoey 101, or more specifically, the nail-biting will-they/won’t-they of Zoey and Chase?

Airing from 2005 to 2008 on Nickelodeon, Zoey 101 was a ratings smash that followed Zoey Brooks (played by Jamie Lynn Spears) as she attended Pacific Coast Academy, a private boarding school in sunny So-Cal. From the moment Zoe ran into the clumsily lovable Chase Matthews (played by Sean Flynn), he fell head over heels for her. Aw!

The big-haired and puka shell-rocking Chase finally got out of the friend-zone when Zoey realizes her true feelings in Season 4, Episode 12 “Chasing Zoey” (get the pun?). And after years of hoping it would happen (spoiler alert!), the pair finally shared a kiss and agreed to go to prom together. Sadly, we never made it past prom, as Zoey 101 came to an abrupt end around the time when Spears became pregnant with her first child at age 16.

More than a decade later, fans may be finally getting, shall we say, a Zoey 102? A reboot has been announced by Nickelodeon for 2021, per E! News, and fans were tided over with a live stream reunion special in 2020. The event featured Spears alongside fan-favorites, plus a revamped theme song featuring some TikTok heavyweights. A bunch of PCA classmates also reunited for an All That sketch. Fun! 

So, Zoey 101 may be back in session soon. So what has Chase, a.k.a. Sean Flynn, has been up to since? Moped on down to find out!

Sean Flynn has kept a low profile, but comes from Hollywood royalty

So, what has Sean Flynn, a.k.a. Chase Matthews from Zoey 101, been up to since the show wrapped in 2008? 

The actor has kept relatively busy since his Chase era, appearing in the 2012 film, Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood, as well as nabbing a guest spot on TV’s Devious Maids. Flynn also starred in a 2015 Zoey 101 revamp video from (controversial) show-runner Dan Schneider to unveil what Zoey wrote about Chase in a PCA time capsule buried 10 years earlier. According to E!, Flynn is a producer at a production company called Donatello Arm. He’s also appeared in the 2020 reunion specials and that All That skit as well. But that’s not all that’s interesting about Flynn. 

The actor is also essentially Hollywood royalty, as his grandfather was a film legend during the Golden Age of Hollywood and famed on-screen swashbuckler, Errol Flynn. “Ever since I saw my grandfather on my VHS tapes back at home it just felt like it was sort of meant to be,” he told the blog Conventional Relations. “Walking in his footsteps, you know? It felt right.”

Flynn added, on the PCA gang’s reunion stints, “It’s been super cool, super fun. Everyone’s changed a lot, but at the same time everyone is still just exactly who they were and are at their core.”

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