Who Are ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2018 Season 13’s Finalists?

Do you know who is performing in next week’s finals?

Week 2 of America’s Got Talent Season 13 semi-finals has ended and the finalists have been selected. As those who follow the NBC series know, the final performances take place next week on September 18, followed by the Season 13 finale on September 19. As Good Housekeeping reminds us, here are the 10 AGT finalists for Season 13:

Among the Season 13 AGT finalists are three golden buzzer acts: Howie Mandel’s Courtney Hadwin, Simon Cowell’s Michael Ketterer, and Tyra Banks’ Zurcaroh.

Before tuning in for the live performances during the finals on Tuesday, September 18 – and voting for who you want to win – it may help to learn more about the 10 finalists. So, keep reading for a little background information on each of the finalists.

Vicki Barbolak

Comedian Vicki is an acquired taste among fans. Whether you enjoy her performances really boils down to how you feel about “trashy trailer” performances.


While this aerial dance group was Tyra’s golden buzzer, all of the judges – and all of America – seem to really love this Season 13 finalist. This Austrian dance group would be the first dance troop to win AGT.

Glennis Grace

Taking on pieces by Whitney Houston and Kate Bush, Glennis is a performer that had everyone on their feet to applaud. According to Simon, her semi-finals performance was “the best one,” yet. Will she be able to top it in the finals? Her fans certainly hope so.

Samuel J. Comroe

One comedian – let alone two – landing in finalist slots is something most people find shocking about this season. Samuel, like Vicki, is a bit of an acquired taste. Samuel has Tourette Syndrome and he uses comedy to shine a spotlight on it. For his semi-finals performance, Comroe gave his own hilarious take on Tourette Syndrome.


Duo Transcend

This aerial performance duo really wowed the judges and the audience during their semi-finals performance which landed them a spot as one of the 10 finalists. Fans applauded Tyce and his wife, Mary Wolfe-Nielsen, for their comeback after he accidentally dropped her during the judge-cut round.

Courtney Hadwin

As the Inquisitr has previously reported, this 14-year-old singer is a very controversial finalists. While she did get Howie’s golden buzzer, and there is no denying her talent, some feel she shouldn’t have been allowed to compete because of her previous experience in singing competitions in the U.K. Despite how some fans feel, Courtney isn’t breaking any AGT rules and is certainly a fan favorite this season.

Michael Ketterer

Michael is the type of singer that requires a box of tissues nearby when you tune in. Most AGT fans agree you would be hard pressed not to shed a few tears watching his Season 13 audition. As a father of six, Michael revealed that his decision to be on AGT was to show his children they could do anything they dreamed of. Simon described Michael as a real and surprising singer when he gave him his golden buzzer.

Shin Lim

For anyone who enjoys a good magic show or card trick, Shin Lim commands attention. All four judges have enjoyed Shin since his audition. Lim’s performances are something you have to see to truly understand.

Brian King Joseph

If you haven’t watched any of Brian’s AGT performances because he is “just a violinist,” you owe it to yourself and him to watch one. The violinist has raised the bar to such high levels during every performance that Cowell believes Brian has a real chance at winning Season 13.

Daniel Emmet

Last, but certainly not least, Daniel has pipes that are just as impressive as the other singers in the Season 13 finals. The singer stole the semi-finals show with his version of “Somewhere” from West Side Story.

Tune in for the Season 13 finals and finale on September 18 and September 19.

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