Who else could come back to Hollyoaks? 9 characters we'd LOVE to see return

Returns have been all the rage in Hollyoaks over the last year, with comebacks from Mandy, Luke, Finn, Carl and Dennis (and Liberty and Liam too – albeit with slightly different faces).

With Stephanie Davis also reprising her role as Sinead O’Connor in the coming weeks, it’s had us thinking again about who else we’d love to see head back to Britain’s most dangerous village. Here are the nine characters on our wish list:

1. Jacqui McQueen

They keep teasing us with this one, seeing as many long-lost McQueens have crawled out of the woodwork over the last few years. Jacqui was undoubtedly the mouthiest of Myra’s girls, appearing in the show from from 2006 to 2013, and the village just hasn’t been the same without her.

Jacqui was last seen fleeing to Spain after double-crossing Trevor Royle, but with him now six feet under, there is no reason why she can’t pop back and see her family.

Given that she didn’t even attend Mercedes’ memorable hen-do in Magaluf (despite it being in her neck of the woods) we probably shouldn’t be getting our hopes up too much here. But we can dream, can’t we?

2. Brendan Brady

Starry fans, look away now. But come on, who doesn’t want to see the one and only Brendan Brady back? Brendan made up one half of popular pairing Stendan back in the day, before Emmett J Scanlan quit the role to head over to the States. But given that the door was left wide open for him to return (well, as much a prison door can be), we’ve never stopped hoping that we’ll see him again. And with Ste’s relationship with Harry about to hit the rocks (again!), the timing couldn’t be better.

If you didn’t already know, Emmett is actually married to Claire Cooper – who plays Jacqui – in real life, so maybe they could head back together in double whammy return?

3. Mitzeee Minniver

Mitzeee bowed out of Chester with Carl Costello in 2013, but given that he’s recently been murdered, surely she’s wondering where he is? Well, apparently not seeing as nothing has been said about Maxine’s sister in the wake of recent events. But we can’t think of a better time for her to return than now.

Not only was she Carl’s partner, but Mitzeee also built up a strong relationship with Mercedes’s young son Bobby – and even considered adopting him last year. So, if Mercedes does end up facing charges for Carl’s death, could Mitzeee return to take Bobby back to America? We can dream, but after Rachel Shenton’s recent Oscar success, we could be waiting a while.

4. Dodger Savage

He might have been too busy to attend Dirk’s funeral, but we’re never going to stop wanting Dodger to find his way back home. With all the drama surrounding the Savages and Blakes recently, the Dodger-shaped hole has never been more sorely felt.

With their daughter Nico now dead, we reckon that Sienna could be needing her twin’s support more than ever when she gets home. But then again, he wasn’t all that bothered the first time the killer teen was seemingly bumped off, so why should he be now?

5. Justin Burton

Believe it or not, bad boy Justin actually has one of the strongest links to the village than most on this list. That’s because he is the biological father of little Charlie Osborne – the youngster currently being brought up by Nancy and Darren.

Justin is probably best remembered for his scandalous affair with Becca Dean, which resulted in her getting pregnant with Charlie – and for all trouble it caused as a result.

Justin left Chester in 2009 and so we’re naturally fascinated to see what he’s like nearly a decade later. And as it happens, Becca’s fate has come up in conversation recently, given that Nancy has just decided to take in her murderer’s daughter, Brooke.

Could this bring Justin back to the village? Or perhaps he will decide that he is finally up to the parenting malarky after all and come back for his son? The possibilities are endless…

6. Lee Hunter

He’s left and come back once before, so we reckon this one is more likely than some of the others here. During his last stint, funnyman Lee became engaged to Amy Barnes, meaning he’s likely to still be remembered by Ste’s kids Lucas and Leah.

Lee has always been King of the Comedy and with so many grisly goings on in Chester at the moment, we reckon the show could so with some light relief.

7. OB

Much like Lee, we reckon the show could do with an OB sprinkling at the moment, given all the tragedy of late. OB is probably best known for being one half of Hollyoaks‘ memorable double act, thanks to his ‘bromance’ with Max Cunningham (RIP!). But given that his buddy can never return, it’s criminal that OB isn’t back in Chester, carrying on the comedy accolade in his honour.

OB did make a fleeting return to Hollyoaks last year when he joined forces with Cindy to track down the Cunningham clan, but we reckon it’s time for a full-time comeback now.

8. Warren Fox

He might not have been gone that long, but we couldn’t not include the infamous Foxy on this list, could we? Hollyoaks‘ resident bad boy made a sensational return in 2016 and we’re patiently waiting for him to make another one.

After his first comeback, Warren quickly lurched from one drama to another, before bowing out again last November. But we all know that he has a habit of popping up when we least expect it and therefore nothing would surprise us where Warren is concerned.

Let’s also not forget that there are still several loose ends in his story due to the fact he is currently on the run with Sienna’s twins. And with Nico now brown bread, could Sienna be about to rise with a new-found determination to get her kids back? It’s likely!

9. Lisa Hunter

Before the likes of Cleo, Lily and Peri, Lisa Hunter was the Hollyoaks youngster to watch – taking centre stage in several of the show’s biggest plots back in the day. During her five-year stint, fans saw Lisa struggle with love triangles, stalker scandals, and a sad self-harm secret – and it would be fascinating to find out how she’s getting on 12 years later.

These days, actress Gemma Atkinson is better known for playing Carly Hope on Emmerdale, and appearing in last year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing. She’s said previously though that she hasn’t ruled out a return to Hollyoaks, so you never know…

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

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