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ASHLEY Walters burst onto the scene as a key member of the iconic British rap group, So Solid Crew, back in 2001.

But the multi-talented star has since forged an impressive acting career with roles in hit shows likes Netflix's Top Boy.

Who is Ashley Walters?

Ashley Walters was born in Peckham, London on June 30, 1982, which makes him 39-years-old.

Raised by his mother Pamela Case, Ashley appeared in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles at the age of 10 and also played Andy in Grange Hill aged 14.

He went on to take classes at the esteemed Sylvia  Young Theatre School and starred in some stage productions before joining So Solid Crew.

Before breaking into the mainstream market, So Solid Crew were involved with many pirate radio stations in London.

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So Solid Crew's first album, They Don't Know, was released in October 2001. Their hit singles include Oh No (Sentimental Things) and 21 Seconds, the latter reaching number one in the UK Singles Chart in August 2001.

Using the moniker Asher D, he featured in some of the group's biggest hit singles between 2001 and 2006 –  including 21 Seconds.

What is his net worth?

The star's net worth is believed to be around £2.2 million ($3 million).

Walters’s wealth is the result of his success in acting as well as music.

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After So Solid Crew split in 2006, Ashley went on to release several solo albums.

His single How You Like Me Now was recently released on July 2012, followed up by Your Love released on November 2012, featuring vocals from his friend and former Mis-Teeq star Alesha Dixon.

He also turned his focus to acting, with parts in Saul Dibb's 2004 feature film Bullet Boy and 2005's Get Rich or Die Tryin' alongside 50 Cent.

He also starred in 2006 action film Stormbreaker and Danny in Life and Lyrics, for which he has received many plaudits.

The actor has also appeared in numerous TV shows and made a particular impact with his role as Dushane in Channel Four drama, Top Boy.

Ashley also performed on stage at the Royal National Theatre and at the Royal Court Theatre.

How many children does Ashley Walters have?

Despite only being 39-years-old, Ashley Walters is a dad-of-eight.

The actor also became a grandad at the age of 38, to an adorable little girl named Neveah.

Ashley didn't reveal which one of his children had become a parent, but he has sons Shayon, 21, and Panera, 18, with former partner Natalie Williams. The pair share a daughter, China, 20.

The artist also has daughters Antonia and Ashleigh from another woman, and shares eight-year-old Amaiya-Love, five-year-old River and a stepson with Danielle Isaie, his wife of seven years.

Ashley told Good Morning Britain viewers he has no plans to have any more as he is already a father many times over.

GMB host Susanna Reid then asked how he deals with such a large family.

Ashley said he does his best to make sure he has enough free time so he can give each child enough individual attention.

He said: "Just spending time with them and freeing myself up.

"And remembering that they are all individuals. I have to have time to individually talk to each of them."

Ashley married Danielle on June 22, 2013.




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