Who is Jessica De Gouw and what's her net worth?

JESSICA De Gouw is an actress who, if you haven't heard of her already, you're about to.

She stars in BBC's drama, The Secrets She Keeps, that has gripped the nation through its real-life inspired story.

Who is Jessica De Gouw from The Secrets She Keeps?

Jessica De Gouw is a 32-year-old Australian actress who has been working in the industry since 2006.

So far, she is most known for her role as The Huntress in TV series Arrow.

But we suspect that might change once the thrilling The Secrets She Keeps airs.

In order to take on her role in Arrow she had to leave Sydney for Los Angeles.

The Secrets She Keeps was shot on location in Australia.

To see what Jessica is up to, she can be found on Instagram @jaydegee where she has over 58k followers.

What is Jessica De Gouw's net worth?

According to various celebrity profiling sites, Jessica is worth an estimated $2million.

Though working in minor parts for years, since 2012 she has bagged regular roles in several TV series.

We expect she'll be on our screens in bigger shows after The Secrets She Keeps airs.

Who is Jessica De Gouw's boyfriend?

Jessica is in a serious relationship with British actor and model, Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

They've been together since 2013 after both starring in NBC's Dracula.

Oliver is 33 years old and has featured in a range of shows and films, including Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House and the 2020 remake of The Invisible Man.

Currently the pair aren't engaged, but they've been steadily together for seven years and share loved up photos on social media.

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