Who is Sara Davies' husband Simon?

THE youngest Dragon to ever enter the den aged just 35, Sara Davies has been dubbed the 'down to earth' Dragon since she first appeared on the BBC series.

Sara is the founder and owner of craft supplies company Crafter's Companion, estimated to be worth more than £30m. The businesswoman began building the foundation for the company while she was still studying at the University of York.

Who is Sara Davies' husband Simon?

Sara has been married to husband Simon since September 2007, the couple met as teenagers.

Simon is credited with helping to co-found Crafter's Companion.

Sara has revealed how the couple has differing views on how to share their newfound wealth with their children, she revealed to Loose Women: "My husband Simon wants to give the kids the things we could not have – but I want them to have the experiences we did have."

What is his net worth?

Crafter's Companion has earned the couple more than £37 million overall, with Simon just as entitled to the fortune as Sara given his status as co-founder.

The company was founded after Sara embarked on a short work placement at a craft company, where the 36-year-old spotted a gap in the market for certain stationary equipment.

Do they have kids?

The married couple of 14 years have two young sons, Oliver aged six and Charlie aged three.

Davies did concede that though her children will have to work for their pocket money, they will receive more than she did as a child due to their superior negotiation skills.

Davies told the Mirror: “My six-year-old son will help out at the shop, which my sister owns, and she’ll have him doing the same thing that I was back then.

"With a bit of inflation he will get a couple of quid. My boys can negotiate much better than I can.”

The family reside in Teesside, North East England.

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