Who is Steph McGovern, is the Watchdog Live presenter married and what shows does she work on?

Over the years she has become a household name and is also known for speaking out on issues including class and the gender pay gap.

Who is Steph McGovern?

Steph McGovern, 36, is a British TV presenter from Middlesbrough, known mostly for her work on BBC Breakfast – where she was the main business presenter.

She is a former Irish dancing champion and still attends international competitions, where she helps to coach other dancers.

Steph attended University College London where she studied Science Communication and Policy and when she was just 19 she was awarded “Young Engineer for Britain” after saving Black & Decker £150,000 a year by helping to improve production techniques.

Steph is 5ft 9" tall and is not thought to be married.

What TV shows has Steph McGovern worked on?

Steph's first taste of working at the BBC came when she was 19 and made a guest appearance on a programme about women in science.

Following this appearance, Steph started work experience on Tomorrow's World and went on to become a part-time researcher while she studied.

The TV personality has also appeared in CBBC show Pocket Money Pitch, Can Britain Have a Payrise?, BBC Watchdog and Shop Well For Less alongside Alex Jones.

She's now made Have I Got News For You's list of guest panellists, too, after the BBC introduced a rule that there must be one female panellist appearing with Ian Hislop or Paul Merton on every episode.

Steph regularly appears on BBC Breakfast and caused a stir when she appeared to flash her underwear accidentally while reviewing the newspapers.

Watchdog Live on BBC One is also fronted by Steph.

What is Steph's show Made In Britain?

Steph hosts this series that tasks four modern craftspeople with making things that often haven’t been made in centuries.
The show will be returning to our screens on Friday December 7.

In the first episode, Steph and the team travel to Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales.

The team will discover the history of the popular cheese.

What did Steph McGovern say about class and the gender pay gap row?

In February 2018, Steph told The Sunday Times that said her salary only just reached six figures after the BBC renegotiated contracts in the wake of the gender pay gap row engulfing the Corporation.

The Watchdog host, who describes her accent as "strong and Smoggy", claimed a manager once told her she was "too common" to present the news.

She said: "It's not as simple as a gender issue, it's partly down to class. There are a lot of women who do a similar job to me who are paid a hell of a lot more… who are a lot posher than me."

Steph added: "What the BBC doesn't do enough of is thinking about getting people from more working-class backgrounds. It's just posh."

She did not name anyone, but The Sunday Times reported seven of nine women in the news category who earn more than £150,000 were privately educated.


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