Who were EastEnders serial killer Lucas Johnson's victims?

EASTENDERS serial killer Lucas Johnson is set to return to Walford after a stint in prison – and cause chaos for his ex-wife Denise Fox. 

The preacher turned murderer – who is played by actor Don Gilet in the BBC soap – is currently serving a life sentence for murdering five people in Albert Square. But who were his victims and how did they die? Here's everything you need to know ahead of his return…

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Who were EastEnders serial killer Lucas Johnson's victims?

Trina Johnson

Lucas infamously killed his ex-wife Trina during an argument following their break-up.

Disaster struck in 2009 when Trina went to meet Lucas in Charlie Slater’s allotment. 

When the drug-addict threw herself at Lucas, he violently shoved her off him and onto a rake.

Lucas then left Trina to bleed to death, before making it look like she’d died in an accident while taking drugs. 

Owen Turner

Two months after ending Trina’s life, Lucas struck again by murdering Denise's ex-husband Owen Turner.

Owen had been winding Lucas up by warning Denise – who Lucas was preparing to marry – not to tie the knot. 

And when Owen warned Lucas that he knew his killer secret, Lucas reached boiling point.

Lucas drove Owen away from Walford, where he saw red and strangled him with a bow tie.

Three prostitutes 

Lucas also murdered three prostitutes named Sugar, Jade and Gemma during his time in Walford, which took his murder count to five.

Lucas later framed Denise for his sick murders before faking her suicide and keeping her locked in a basement for months.

She eventually managed to escape and expose him.

What has Lucas actor Don Gilet said about his character’s return?

Speaking about his return to EastEnders, Don Gilet said: "I’m thrilled and honoured to be asked to breathe life once again into such a complex, controversial and divisive character but, most importantly, to have another opportunity to work alongside one of the UK’s finest actors, Diane Parish. I feel blessed."

Jon Sen, Executive Producer, EastEnders added: "Bringing back Don to the Square has been on our wish list for some time now as there’s definitely some unfinished business with Lucas and he certainly hasn’t let Denise go.

"His reign of terror put him firmly up there with Walford’s biggest villains and I can’t wait for audiences to watch his return unfold."

What does Lucas’ return mean for Denise in EastEnders?

EastEnders viewers know that Denise is going through a tough time after learning that Raymond, the son she gave up for adoption following a one-night stand with Phil Mitchell back in 2016, has been orphaned in a fatal car crash. 

His parents and sister were killed in a car crash leaving him in the care of villain Ellie Nixon.

How will she deal with the return of her serial killer ex-husband?

A source said: “Lucas’ return is going to be explosive – not least for Denise.

“Her world is going to be turned upside down when her killer ex walks back into her life.

“It’s going to spark to a major storyline that will run and run and the question will be – is Lucas reformed?"

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