Who's in the cast of True Horror on Channel 4 and what stories are covered in the series? Kate Jarvis, Eloise Webb and Joss Porter

TRUE Horror is a docudrama currently on Channel 4 which brings real horror stories to life.

But who stars in it and what stories are covered? Read on to find out.

Who stars in True Horror?

Llyr Evans

Llyr Evans plays Rev David Holmwood in episode one, Hellfire Farm.

He was born in Wales on 22 July 1968.

He's also starred in Sherlock, Luther and Stella.

Amy Morgan

Amy Morgan plays Liz Rich in episode one.

She was born in Wales on 12 December 1988.

She has also starred in Mr Selfridge and Pan.

Adam Leese

Adam Leese plays Bill Rich in the first episode.

He was born on 6 March 1976 in Chichester.

He's previously starred in Bridget Jones's Baby, Humans and Broadchurch.

Kate Jarvis

Kate Jarvis plays Sam Bennetts in episode two of the docudrama, Ghost in the Wall.

She was born on 22 June 1991 in Dagenham, Essex.

She has also starred in Eastenders, where she played Hayley Slater.

Eloise Webb

Eloise Webb plays the older version of Meemi-Rose in episode two.

She was born on 9 March 2003, making her just 15 years old.

She has previously starred in Cinderella, Midsomer Murders and The Iron Lady.

Joss Porter

Joss Porter plays Jason Bennetts in episode two.

He has previously starred in Wolf Hall and Humans.

Sammy Williams

Sammy Williams is a young actor who plays Todd Bevis in episode three, Terror in the Woods.

He has also starred in The Aliens and Hustle.

James Tarpey

James Tarpey plays Stephen Foster in episode three.

He was born in Greenwich in 1994.

He has also starred in After Hours and The World's End.



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What stories are covered in the series?

All of the stories covered in True Horror are real life stories.

Episode one is called Hellfire Farm.

It is about a couple, Liz and Bill, who move to a farmhouse in the Welsh Hills and have two children.

But things soon turn spooky when objects start moving around and animals begin to die.

Episode two is called Ghost in the Wall.

It's about a man called Jason, who's in a relationship with his teenage sweetheart Sam.

His dad, Jimmy, doesn't approve of the relationship and he dies before they can make peace.

The couple start a family, but Sam is convinced her father-in-law has returned from the dead to steal her children when demonic figures begin to appear.

Episode three is called Terror in the Woods.

It focuses on two teenage boys who dare each other to spend the night in a haunted wood near Horsham.

They end up surrounded by frightening noises and apparitions, but last the night.

But a week later, one of the boys becomes convinced that something followed him home.




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