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ITV and the BBC will pause programming tonight (April 2, 2020) and it's for a VERY good cause.

We take you through what will be happening this evening.

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Why is ITV off air?

ITV and the BBC will pause its programming tonight to Clap for our Carers –  giving the nation a chance to pay tribute to the enduring efforts of the NHS and other key workers across the country once again.

Ahead of The Martin Lewis Money Show at 8pm, ITV will switch off the channel as the broadcaster urges members of the public to stand on their doorsteps and balconies – keeping a safe distance apart – and applaud our key health care workers.

ITV’s regular programming will be replaced by idents specially created by ITV Creative, encouraging viewers to donate to NHS Charities Together.

The BBC will broadcast live coverage of the nation clapping for the NHS staff working against the spread of the deadly disease.

Programming will be paused for five minutes.

What is the Clap for our Carers?

The first Clap for our Carers took place on March 26, and will now go ahead on a weekly basis.

Millions of people across the UK stood and clapped from their doorways in unison to honour staff and carers who have been working tirelessly throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Landmarks including the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arch joined in as they were lit up blue throughout the tribute and the hashtag #LightItBlue highlighted it on Twitter.

What has ITV said about pausing programming?

ITV has also urged the public to share messages of support and love amongst one another, and check on neighbours at this time of isolation, through their landmark mental wellness campaign, Britain Get Talking, which continues throughout the month.

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive at ITV, said “ITV is joining the rest of the country in thanking everyone in the NHS and carers who are doing such a vital and fantastic role – so we will pause our programming at 8pm to applaud the heroes within the NHS for the remarkable efforts they are making, and raise as much money for NHS charities as we can thanks to our viewers’ generosity.”

  • To donate to NHS Charities Together Covid 19 campaign go to virg.in/ClapForOurCarers.

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