Why 'Bachelorette' Fans Think Ben Smith Might Reunite With Tayshia Adams

Gone for now, but maybe not for long. The latest fan theory floating around Bachelor Nation is that Ben Smith will return in an attempt to get back together with Tayshia Adams. We watched Tayshia send Ben home after hometown dates last week. Even though he admitted that he loved her to his family, he didn’t tell her that, and his lack of being able to completely open up emotionally ultimately resulted in him being sent home.

“I’m not asking for this grand gesture, but the fact he couldn’t give me one ounce of emotion was extremely disappointing,” Tayshia admitted after she sent Ben home. But, that might not be where his journey ends with Tayshia. TikTok user, @dilemmafox, pointed out that in the promos for the finale, Ben is shown saying, “I’ve never felt this feeling, but I’m in love with you,” which is a clip we haven’t seen before. Plus, he’s been posting a lot about love on his IG.


Soooo, the reasonable answer is that he’ll return to confess his love for Tayshia on next week’s episode. She’s also seen saying in the promo, “There’s a rose ceremony. What do I do with that?” Tbh, Tayshia’s line could mean anything (producers love to throw us off), but it could def be a response to Ben’s declaration of love (!!!).

Tayshia defended her choice to break it off with him on her podcast, Click Bait with Bachelor Nation. “I just needed a little sense of validation and I didn’t have any of that,” she explained. “I felt like, I was hoping that him seeing his family would be what he needed in order to vocalize that. I’m not saying ‘Oh my God pour your heart out to me and tell me you love me in order to stay here.’ I’m just saying, give me something.”

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