‘Why you so impressed? Jeremy Paxman astonished as University Challenge contestant dabs

University Challenge: Contestant shows off geographical prowess

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University Challenge was hosted by Jeremy Paxman on Monday night as Wolfson College Oxford took on The University of Bristol. As the BBC quiz got underway there was one player in particular who caught the eye of the host. Paxman was astonished by the eccentric celebrations from Wolfson’s Nowakowski.

The Applied Linguistics student played well throughout the programme and showed off varying ways of celebrating his correct answers.

“You’ll see the national flag of a country. For 10 points, simply name it,” Paxman said.

Nowakowski quickly buzzed in for his team with the answer: “Granada.”

“Granada is correct, yes,” Paxman confirmed, as the player dabbed in celebration.

However, it seems this wasn’t his only outlandish way of congratulating himself as he later excitedly celebrated again.

Paxman asked: “Wudi’s armies subjugated territories as far west as the Fergana Valley. This lies in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and mainly in which other country?”

“Uzbekistan baby!” Nowakowski exclaimed, banging his hands on the desk in front of him.

The audience laughed as Paxman confirmed it was in fact the correct answer.

Unfortunately for Nowakowski, his team was unable to beat Bristol and therefore didn’t make it through to the next round of the competition.

However, Paxman praised the team for having “led in the early stages” of the game.

“Why were you so chuffed about getting Uzbekistan?” the quiz host asked.

Nowakowski replied: “It’s a phenomenal country, great people, you know?”

Paxman burst out laughing at the contestant’s response adding: “Okay that’s enough from the Uzbek tourist board!”

“Poland approved, yes” Nowakowski joked.

Fans on Twitter were quick to comment on the player’s quirky celebrations throughout the programme.

@AlysDrake1 wrote: “Did that guy just dab because he got a flag right on #universitychallenge?”

@Joe081223 added: “You think you’ve seen it all… then a grown man Dabs on #UniversityChallenge.”

“Love that Nowakowski did a dab. #UniversityChallenge,” @disFag_ said.

@Tweet_Dec asked: “Was that the first dab in #UniversityChallenge history?”

“Nowakowski making the most of his appearance on #Universitychallenge . #Uzbekistan Go for it, baby,” @KateRobbins remarked.

“Nowakowski is just there for the party, ‘baby’! #universitychallenge,” @millsyblue joked.

University Challenge airs Mondays at 8:30 pm on BBC Two.

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