‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel Shows Chris Pine To Return As Love Interest Steve Trevor In ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

The biggest question all fans want an answer to: ‘How did Steve Trevor survive?’ after the explosive events of the first movie’s fiery finale.

The man with two first names is set to return in the 1980s-inspired sequel to the original success that was Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, according to Variety.

Jenkins, lauded for her handling of the first film (a rare, unambiguous success for the DCEU or DC Extended Universe which has suffered a succession of flops and middling movie receipts), returns to the director’s chair for a sequel soaked in 1980s nostalgia. High contrast, high color scenery with haute-couture fashions that have since been retired seem to be the aesthetics in play from the film’s earliest sneak peeks, with Steve Trevor decked out in a full track-suit that seems ripped straight out of the decade of excess.

The working title thus far seems to indicate that the fashions and high-contrast color palette are more than idiosyncratic bits and pieces, with a recent tweet by Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot herself confirming such. Wonder Woman 1984 will be set in the bustling action of the VHS and heavy metal era, big hair, shoulder pads, and all.

It will be a significant departure from the iconic portrayal of the character as made famous in comics, though not without precedent. The Nerdist recently reported that the 1980s can be considered the second golden age for the character, pointing to the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” story arc that completely remodeled Wonder Woman into a more savage warrior than ever before, amping up her feminist credentials in the process.

While the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” angle may have deleted some of the more iconic mainstays of the canonical Wonder Woman, including her invisible aircraft and love interest Steve Trevor, it would appear that the film iteration does not appear to be following suit – on the latter front at least.

Of course, the burning question on the minds of most fans of the Amazonian warrior and her film representation is: How did Steve Trevor survive the explosion of his aircraft at the climax of the first film?

Spoilers aside (and of course, it’s been out long enough to safely talk about, at least according to the fine folks at Vulture who conducted an informal poll on spoiler etiquette), it seemed fairly set in stone that Diana’s love interest had bitten the big one. Trevor is loaded up with several tons of ordnance and fires directly into the ammo racks, detonating the entire aircraft in a spectacular explosion.

Maybe love does conquer all? Or is Steve Trevor actually in possession of superpowers or abilities himself?

Only time and an evening in a dimly-lit theater will tell. There is still no official word on a theatrical release date for the much-anticipated sequel.

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