X-rated reason why Love Island’s Megan wants to steal Wes off Laura

Tonight’s Love Island is set to spark a whole new raft of confrontations as blonde bombshell Megan Barton Hanson stakes her claim on Wes Nelson – despite the fact he’s already coupled up with Laura Anderson .

But Megan’s taking no notice of show convention as she dumps ‘mystical’ Eyal after he upsets her by incorrectly inflating the number of people she’s slept with in last night’s challenge.

She’s now got her sights firmly set on a different target after telling Eyal she’s only attracted to him in a physical sense, but can’t see them making a lasting connection.

Poor Laura is set to be left reeling in tonight’s episode when Megan makes a beeline for her man and snogs him in front of all the Islanders in a challenge.

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But fans are wondering if it’s partially down to Laura as to why Megan’s suddenly finding Wes attractive… and it could be for one very X-rated reason.

Because last night Laura was overheard boasting about Wes’ trouser-snake, after several Islanders commented on the sight of Wes in his tight boxers in the morning.

"He’s a stallion," a shiny-eyed Laura told the girls in the dressing room.

It came after the two had sex for the first time over the weekend, although their raunchy lurve-making was only shown in a quick three-second clip.

"You know how Wes likes to talk about the ‘Do Bits Society’? The DBS thing?" she asked them on Sunday night’s show.

"Did you have sex with him?" Georgia Steel immediately questioned her.

"Like a half way competition that didn’t finish. Kind of," she quipped.

Later, in the Beach Hut, a blushing Laura revealed what happened.

"I think they knew because they could hear. Oh my god, I was so embarrassed telling the girls, I literally hid in the cupboard. I was trying to hide my face because I was so red."

Then in Monday night’s show, Wes told Laura: "We’re another level of the Do Bits Society now. Congratulations."

Tonight, Megan will hint to Wes she’s catching feelings for him after ditching Eyal.

"We’ve come on here to find the person who’s right for us, whether it’s someone that we instantly click with, whether it’s someone we grow to like, does that matter? Absolutely not," she tells Samira Mighty while Wes hovers nearby.

"It’s got to be someone that you genuinely like but it can’t be just someone who you find the fittest. If someone comes in, or I grow to someone in here, if I grow to like them more than Laura, it’s not me speaking badly of Laura, it’s me understanding what’s right for me."

In a game of Snog, Marry, Pie, Megan picks Wes as her smooching partner and lands a snog on his lips in front of a fuming Laura.

"Are you glad I picked you, Wes?" she asks him later.

"I tried to do it respectfully. I didn’t want to grab your face and start tonguing you. I was like, ‘Laura, I’m sorry.’"

Laura herself vents that Megan’s behaviour is disrespectful, revealing: "Obviously if Megan’s going to lay it on with Wes, whether she spoke to me or she didn’t, I wouldn’t think it was OK.

"I wouldn’t accept it, if she did that, me and her wouldn’t be friends anymore. In my opinion, we are seeing each other. If you want to look elsewhere, you can do that and I’m not going to be waiting for you, mate."

As for Wes, the Islanders notice he’s been off with Laura all day – and eventually he’s persuaded to have The Chat with her.

"What I’m saying is, I’m being honest with myself and today I just took time to reflect on what we have and what I feel like in a sense and I feel something’s missing," he tells her in an emotional heart to heart.

"Essentially what I’m saying is there’s a particular person in the villa…"

With another recoupling on the horizon, who will Wes decide to pursue?

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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