Y 1883 delayed: Yellowstone prequel WON’T air next week in Paramount+ shake-up

1883: Paramount Network release first look at new series

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Yellowstone’s latest prequel series, Y 1883 took Paramount Plus by storm after its success delved into the history of the original western drama. However, due to a scheduling shake-up, episode six will face a huge delay which will leave viewers waiting yet another week.

After a dramatic ending to episode five, viewers will have to wait another week to find out the fate of their favourite characters.

This will likely disappoint as the fourth episode titled ‘The Crossing’ also faced a delay, despite being the first instalment of the year.

Although the upcoming episode hasn’t been scheduled for Sunday, January 23, thankfully for fans, there’s confirmation the show will return to Paramount Network on January 30.

While production is yet to reveal a reason for the shake-up, they could be taking their time to perfect each episode.

As Y 1883 first premiered in December, the network initially didn’t want to delay the series and to ensure it would air while Yellowstone was still on screens.

This would’ve likely made certain fans of the original show would also tune into its prequel and eventually also build a loyal fanbase.

As a result, they decided to show the episodes when they could and spread out some of the season one instalments.

With Y 1883 rising in popularity, with a regular audience and its own group of fans, hopefully, season two will have a more consistent schedule.

After the success of Yellowstone, fans wanted to find out more about the history of the Dutton family and how they came to own their highly sought after Montana cattle ranch.

While it has remained a mystery in the original series, Y1883 has transported fans back in time with Tim Mcgraw playing James Dutton, who is John Dutton’s (played by Kevin Costner) great-grandfather.

McGraw’s real-life wife Faith Hill also stars alongside him as the family matriarch Margaret Dutton.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, McGraw spoke to Slash Film and gave viewers a huge teaser about the highly-anticipated prequel.

The actor disclosed: “I think you’ll see it with Isabel and Margaret you’ll see where some of Beth Dutton comes from.

“And I certainly think with James, with his love of family and determination to do anything for his family, regardless of the rules, regardless of what’s for right or wrong, regardless of what the world might think, he will do anything for his family.

“And I think you’ll see that from James to Kevin, but Faith also likes to say that she thinks that since she’s Kevin’s great-grandmother that he looks more like her than he does me.”

As Y 1883 is set 130 years prior to the original series, it’s unlikely the current Dutton’s on Yellowstone will make an appearance.

With James and Margaret being the first Duttons to move to Montana, fans will have to stay tuned in to see the evolution of their relocation, as well as the eras of their legacy.

Thankfully for fans, Y 1883 isn’t the only addition to the Yellowstone franchise – as a second spin-off ‘6666’ is currently in the works.

While details remain scarce, express.co.uk will be updated with new release information.

Y 1883 will return to Paramount Plus on Sunday, January 23.

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