Yellowstone theories: Was Rip’s wedding ring gift a bad omen for Beth?

Yellowstone: Paramount Network gives inside look at ranch

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Yellowstone is due to return to the Paramount Network for season four and there is plenty of excitement surrounding the new season. At the end of season three, an explosive device was sent to Beth’s (played by Kelly Reilly) office and she was caught up in the blast. Viewers are wondering if her ultimate fate was foreshadowed through Rip Wheeler’s (Cole Hauser) wedding ring gift.

Was Rip’s wedding ring gift a bad omen for Beth?

The wedding ring Rip gave to Beth Dutton in Yellowstone has been a talking point amongst fans for a long time.

The ranch hand was seen digging up the body of his dead mother in order to take her wedding ring and pass it on to his lover.

He was low on cash and believed it would be both a sentimental and money-saving gesture.

However, it left fans baffled and they believe there is some deeper significance to his strange actions.

In the season three finale, it was Beth who proposed to Rip before she was targeted by an anonymous killer.

The cliffhanger moment left fans wondering whether actress Reilly would feature in the upcoming season.

While most fans believe she is still alive, some think the wedding ring gesture was a sign of bad luck for Beth.

One fan took to Reddit to call it “the tainted ring”, saying: “WHAT would possess Rip to give Beth his Mother’s ring, when it was given to her by the husband who murdered her and her son?

“I am not understanding the writers thought process on that. The ring would be tainted and super bad luck for their marriage – would it not?

“I could understand if he dug up mom for Grandma’s ring… but it doesn’t make sense to disturb the dead for a ring that was not (in my opinion) a symbol of love.” [Sic]

Viewers responded by saying that Rip’s mother was the only other woman he ever loved, which is why he wanted Beth to have the ring.

Another fan agreed with this, saying: “I don’t think it matters to him who gave it to her, but the fact that it was hers.

“He only had one loving and endearing person and that was his mother. And now with Beth he has found love in a partner, though I am personally not about the whole scene with him literally digging her up and all, the ring is a symbol of the only one that loved him when he was young and giving it to the woman who will love him for the rest of their lives together.”

In saying this, another fan suggested the ring could have a deeper meaning, which may become apparent in season four.

They said: “Well he dug it up and then a bomb went off in her office so definitely tainted I’d say.”

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Another viewer added: “You’re on to something I guess. After he dug it up a lot of s*** went down.”

Some fans said the scene with Rip digging up his mother to find the ring was unnecessary, and they are confused as to why Rip did not have the funds to buy his own ring.

They went as far as calculating the ranch hand’s finances in order to come up with a logical explanation.

The likely suggestion is that the ring was a symbol of unconditional love, which he felt towards his mother.

The ring may not be directly linked to Beth’s ultimate fate in any way.

There are many theories surrounding what will happen to Beth after the explosive was sent to her office.

Some viewers have suggested she will survive the blast, but will be left severely injured and will step back from the spotlight.

Others believe she may have been the one to orchestrate the assassination attempt as part of a wider plan.

The wait will soon be over before her fate will finally be revealed, and fans are excited to see actress Reilly return in one form or another.

Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network

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