You cant say that! Carole Malone dismantles Femis calls for wind power on Vine

Jeremy Vine panel argues over wind power

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Carole Malone slammed Mr Oluwole’s proposal to rely on energy from wind power due to wind patterns. Speaking on the Jeremy Vine show, Mr Oluwole said: “The more we invest in those renewable sources such as wind, the more it will actually provide.

“Shell gas were saying they may only potentially be able to fill five percent of our energy needs.

“As for the issue of funding, we’re looking from buying from Saudi Arabia which has killed 80,000 directly and 100,000 indirectly.”

Ms Malone interjected: “Where do we get it from then?”

Femi continued: “I literally just suggested, we should turn to wind power instead that would definitely cover the amount that Shell gas could do.”

Ms Malone added: “You can’t just say that, it’s simply not true.

“You can’t just say that wind power will provide what Shell gas does because it doesn’t.

“We know that offshore produces good amounts of gas, we know that onshore it doesn’t because you can’t legislate for wind.

“The wind patterns aren’t the same.”

It comes as the Government announced it will bring part of the National Grid back into public ownership to set up a new authority tasked with helping Britain reach its climate targets.

Energy price rise to push poverty deaths 'through the roof'

National Grid will sell its Electricity System Operator (ESO) arm to the Government, the sides announced on Wednesday.

The nationalised unit will then be folded into a new Future System Operator (FSO), an authority responsible for overseeing Britain’s electricity systems.

Jonathan Brearley, chief executive of energy regulator Ofgem, said: “A fully independent system operator will help to transform Great Britain’s energy system and cut customers’ energy bills.

“Critically, the FSO will ensure that we will build a smart, efficient and flexible system that will mean that Britain moves to a secure, low-carbon and low-cost system.”


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The FSO will also take over some of National Grid’s gas functions. It will work with energy suppliers and networks to ensure the electricity system is balanced and that there is enough supply for households and businesses.

The Government did not reveal how much it would cost to renationalise the unit, simply saying National Grid will be “appropriately compensated” for the parts of its business moved to the new authority. The final deal is yet to be agreed.

Britain faces a huge challenge to stop emitting carbon. But as progress is made, cars will increasingly become electric and gas boilers will slowly be replaced by heat pumps.

This will need a lot of extra electricity.

Not only will this require wind turbines and other technology to make the extra electricity, the wires that carry the electricity will also need to be up to the task.

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