Ad for editorial assistant job at Rolling Stone includes serving and cleaning up lunch

A job posting this week for an editorial assistant at Rolling Stone had media insiders’ eyes rolling and tongues wagging.

Meanwhile, sources speculated that the posting is for an assistant to the magazine’s colorful founder, Jann Wenner.

The classified online ad for the grunt gig — which pays $35,000 and requires at least two years’ experience assisting an editor-in-chief or managing editor — included some expected duties such as “heavy calendar management” and “online research.”

But other expectations ludicrously included: “online shopping,” “assist spouse with requests” and “order lunch, plate/serve and clean up.” Furthermore, the lucky lackey needs to agree to “on call availability 24/7” with “common sense, no task is beneath you.”

The candidate must also be, the ad said, “unflappable” with the “ability to speak with luminaries.”

After the ad appeared online, media mavens mocked it mercilessly.

Mused one newspaper’s managing editor on Twitter, “Ordering, plating and cleaning up after lunch . . . So, to be clear, this editor won’t be eating out of a take-out container. No no no. I’m surprised the editorial assistant isn’t charged with cutting said lunch and forking it into the boss.”

A California techie type added, “Is [EPA chief] Scott Pruitt working there?” while a publishing-house copy editor pointed out, “Like . . . none of this is editorial.” A former Vanity Fair staffer enthused, “Online shopping!!!! Fun.”

The ad was taken down on Wednesday after four days online. Multiple sources speculated that the job was to assist Wenner himself. (Then again, Wenner does not have a current “spouse” but rather a partner, Matt Nye, and an ex-wife, Jane Schindelheim.)

Rolling Stone founder Wenner remains as editorial director of Rolling Stone — after Penske Media Corp. took a majority stake in his Wenner Media last year. Jason Fine is managing editor, and Wenner’s son Gus is president and COO.

Reps for Rolling Stone — as well as Wenner’s office — did not comment.

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