Aerobatic Red Bull plane crash that killed 3 captured in video

Horrifying video captured the moment an aerobatic Red Bull plane crashed during a training flight in Guatemala, killing the American pilot and two women on the ground, according to reports.

The plane was seen descending rapidly and slamming into grass and a small paved area at the Guatemala Aeroclub in Iztapa on Friday as horrified spectators looked on, the UK’s Mirror reported.

The dead flier was identified as Steve Andelin of California, a retired Boeing 787 pilot, a two-time member of the US Aerobatic Team and a winner at the US Unlimited Aerobatic Championship, according to

Johanna Passarelli de Farr and Maria Luisa Schlesinger also were killed when they were struck by the Zivko Aeronautics Edge 540 plane, News 18 reported.

“It is with great sadness that Team Chambliss confirms that our friend and pilot, Steve Andelin, along with two spectators, lost their lives at a private air show in Guatemala,” Team Chambliss said on Facebook.

“Steve Andelin was flying a plane which carried Red Bull branding, owned by Kirby Chambliss. We are deeply shocked and extend our deepest sympathies to the families involved in this tragic accident,” it added.

In 2018, Team Chambliss recognized Andelin for his “deep expertise” with the Edge 540 Red Bull Air Race Master Class plane when he crewed a race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

The LXV Anniversary show, scheduled for the following say, was canceled after the tragic accident.

Guatemala Aeroclub said in a statement: “We want to express our most sincere condolences and reiterate our pain to all those affected. As an association, we are already collaborating with the respective authorities carrying out the investigation into the incident.”

Civil aviation director Francis Argueta Aguirre said on Twitter: “We regret the tragic accident that occurred on Friday in Iztapa, when the professional pilot of the Chambliss team sponsored by Red Bull performed acrobatics maneuvers prior to the exhibition that was scheduled for Saturday morning.”

He added: “Our deepest condolences to the bereaved.”

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