Ahmaud Arbery suspect 'was talking about a RACCOON' in racist text about 'shooting c**n with gold teeth', pal claims

AHMAUD Arbery suspect Travis McMichael "was talking about a RACCOON" in a racist text about "shooting a crackhead c**n with gold teeth", his pal claimed.

The statement came as Zachary Langford appeared in Georgia court on Thursday, as McMichael, 34, and his 60-year-old father, Gregory, face charges in the death of Arbery.

Arbery, a 25-year-old black man, was shot in February while jogging after being chased by the father-son duo, who are white.

Prosecutors asked Langford– who has been friends with the younger McMichael – about a text from his pal last year that included a racial slur for black people.

Prosecutor Jesse Evans asked Langford about the text, which mentioned "shooting a crackhead c**n with gold teeth with a Hi-Point .45," the NAACP of Georgia said.

Langford at first said he did not remember receiving the text from McMichael, the Associated Press reported.

After reviewing the transcript, however, Langford said: “He was referring to a raccoon, I believe.”

Evans also asked the man testifying about a social media post where Langford used an Asian slur, and allegedly replied: "Ha ha ha. Sayonara you slant-eyed f #@$," The Brunswick News reported.

Langford said he did not remember that either, the AP reports.

Arbery was fatally shot while running through a neighborhood in Brunswick on February 23.

The McMichaels were arrested on May 7 – more than two months after Arbery's fatal shooting.

The father-son duo both face murder charges in Arbery's death.

A third man, William Bryan, who videotaped the incidents surrounding Arbery's shooting, also faces murder charges.

Ex-cop Gregory McMichael alleged in a police report that when he saw Arbery, he thought he fit the description of someone who had committed a series of break-ins

“We have substantial evidence that, on the day in question, Mr. Arbery was not a jogger,” Robert Rubin, one of Travis McMichael’s attorneys said in court on Thursday.

“He was there for nefarious purposes.”

Prosecutors maintain that Arbery was simply jogging when he was fatally shot.

Arbery's family has alleged that the shooting was a "hate crime" and called it a "lynching."

The Thursday hearing comes after

  • Jogger Ahmaud Arbery is shot on February 23 by two white gunmen
  • The McMichaels claim they thought Arbery was a burglary suspect
  • Footage of Arbery's death is leaked on May 5, prompting mass outrage
  • His family say the killing was a "hate crime" and demand justice
  • Gregory, 64, and his son Travis, 34, are arrested on May 7
  • William Bryan, 50, who filmed the incidents, is arrested on May 21
  • The McMichaels and Bryan are indicted on felony murder charges in June in Arbery's death

Bryan, 50, who filmed the incident, was arrested on May 21 – weeks after the video was leaked.

The video sparked public outrage.

The McMichaels and Bryan were indicted in June on felony murder charges in Arbery's death.

All three men have pleaded not guilty to charges.

As of Thursday afternoon, Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley had not made a decision on bond for either of the McMichaels, as testimony was ongoing, the AP reports.

The court hearing came amid months of continuing Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Demonstrators across the nation have continued to protest systemic racism, police brutality and gun violence.

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