Alleged armed robber dies after jumping onto subway tracks to evade cops

A suspect in the armed robbery of a Bronx bodega early Sunday ran up a stairway to an elevated subway station as he tried to evade cops pursuing him – then jumped on the tracks, where he touched the third rail and died, police said.

The robbery took place shortly after midnight at the Paya Deli at W. 192 St. and Jerome Ave.

Cops were called, saw a man fitting the description of the robber and began chasing him, police said.

He fled to the elevated Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue station on the No. 4 line – and then tried to run across the tracks from the northbound to the southbound platform, police said.

Cops believe he was electrocuted.

A train was pulling into the station at the time, but officials say they do not think it ran him over.

Police said they found a gun on him.

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