Amazon Prime cargo pilot’s chilling last words revealed as ‘Lord you have my soul’ before plane disaster that killed 3 – The Sun

THE tragic last words of a pilot killed in the Amazon Prime cargo crash earlier this year were "lord, you have my soul," according to a chilling transcript released on Thursday.

The Atlas Air Flight 3591 claimed the lives of Captain Ricky Blakely, co-pilot Conrad Jules Aska, and Sean Archuleta, a pilot from another airline in February.

“Lord…you have my soul,” Aska yelled, a second before the high-speed impact covered the Texas bay with debris, reports TIME magazine.

The National Transportation Safety Board released a transcript of their final conversation before the Boeing 767 flight plummeted 6,200 feet.

NTSB reports show Aska had a record of repeatedly flunking flight tests and may have become disorientated before the plane tragically crashed.

Their records indicate Aska thought the jet’s nose was pointed too high so he jerked the plane down too suddenly, mistakenly thinking there was a stall.

He added full takeoff power without telling the captain which resulted in chaos in the cockpit, according to the transcript and flight data.

“Oh, lord have mercy myself,” Aska cried as the dive started, prompting Blakely to ask "what's going on" shortly after.


The transcript of the pilots’ last words before the Amazon Prime cargo plane plummeted 6200 feet

Blakely: It is severe clear on the other side of this stuff so you'll have no problem gettin' to the airport

Aska: (oh)

[Sound similar to a mechanical click is heard]

Aska: Whoa [Spoken in an elevated voice]

Aska: My speed. My speed [Spoken in an elevated voice]

[Sound similar to louder mechanical click is heard]

Blakely: Okay

[Sound similar to multiple random thumping noises]

Aska: 'We're stalling [Spoken in an elevated voice]

Aska: Stall [Exclaimed]

Aska: Oh Lord have mercy on myself [Spoken in elevated voice]

[Sound similar to multiple random thumping noises]

Aska: Lord have mercy [Exclaimed]

Aska: Captain [Spoken in an elevated voice]

Blakely: What's going on?

Aska: Lord [Spoken in elevated voice]

[Sound of 1000HZ series of beeps with approximately .25 spacing being. It's not clear if it lasted until the end of the recording]

Aska: Captain [Spoken in an elevated voice]

Archuleta: What's going on? [Spoken in an elevated voice]

Unknown: [Sound of rapid breathing]

Aska: Captain

[Sound of quick series of four beeps followed by a pulse tone, similar to a siren]

Archuleta: Pull up [Shouted]

Aska: [Unitellligbable shout]

Unknown: Oh God [Shouted]

Aska: Lord you have my soul

– Source: National Transport Safety Board

“Pull up!” a frantic Archuleta yelled from the jump-seat before the doomed plane hurtled towards the marshy ground below.

The tragic dive happened despite Blakely's best efforts to pull the controls in the opposite direction to his co-pilot Aska.

The transcribed audio recorded in the cockpit was published without the pilots' names within a 3000-page+ docket as the investigation continues.

The pilots were carrying Amazon Prime Air packages from Miami to George Bush International Airport in Houston before crashing 40 miles from their destination

The NTSB report didn't come to a formal conclusion but issues with hiring practices and piloting failures were raised.



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TIME reports the investigation will conclude sometime next year.

Atlas, which is part of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc, told the publication it was cooperating.

The airline said its staff must "meet or exceed all government safety standards."

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