Ariana Grande fan films star performing minutes before deadly terror attack

ONE Ariana Grande fan filmed the US pop star in Manchester just moments before a deadly terrorist bomb was detonated.

Fans can be seen clapping and swaying their hands as the singer performs "Dangerous Woman" at Manchester Arena on Monday evening.

Moments later witnesses said they heard a “massive bang” which led to crowds fleeing the venue in a mass panic.

At least 22 people have been killed and 59 injured during the terrorist bomb attack – with police confirming children were among the dead.

Greater Manchester Police chief constable Ian Hopkins said the lone male attacker, who died in the blast, was carrying an improvised explosive device which he detonated.

He added: "This has been the most horrific incident we have had to face in Greater Manchester and one that we all hoped we would never see.

"Families and many young people were out to enjoy a concert at the Manchester Arena and have lost their lives.

"Our thoughts are with those 22 victims that we now know have died, the 59 people who have been injured and their loved ones.

"We continue to do all we can to support them."



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Witnesses told of seeing shards of metal tearing into concertgoers in the foyer area of the world-famous concert venue – leaving dozens lying in pools of blood.

The horrific blast could he heard echoing through the packed arena as families tried to make their way home as the concert came to an end just after 10.40pm.

Ariana Grande posted an emotional message on her Twitter account following the attack.

The 23-year-old said: "Broken from the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words."

It was revealed this morning that she had cancelled her world tour following the horrific attack.

Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the "appalling terrorist attack" and all parties have suspended their General Election campaigns.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was "horrified" by the attack.

Lib Dem boss Tim Farron – who had been due to campaign in Gibralatar – said: “My deepest condolences to the victims and families.

“Our emergency services have shown great bravery and heroism.”

The Home Secretary condemned the attack, saying it was intended to “sow fear” but vowing that the terrorists would not succeed in their aim.

Amber Rudd said: “This was a barbaric attack, deliberately targeting some of the most vulnerable in our society – young people and children out at a pop concert.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and the victims who have been affected, and I know the whole country will share that view.”

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