'Armed vigilantes’ threaten revenge attacks this weekend after boy, 14, stabbed to death in ‘racist murder’

'ARMED vigilantes' have threatened to carry out revenge attacks this weekend after a teenage boy was stabbed to death in an apparent racist murder.

Dea-John Reid, 14, was killed outside a McDonald's in the Kingstanding area of Birmingham at about 7.30pm on Monday.

George Khan, 38, Michael Shields, 35, and a 14-year-old boy have been charged with the schoolboy’s murder.

Cops have called for calm after thugs threatened violence online in retaliation to Dea-John's alleged murder.

Death threats and calls for violence have been shared on social media.

One threat says: "Lift up UNU guns and go empty them ah Kingstanding"; while another shared on Snapchat says: "UNU like kill black boys…go Kingstanding go kill couple white boys".

Another says: "Moms with teenagers in Kingstanding be vigilant tomorrow it's circling round Snapchat that there will be loads of people landing to Kingstanding area tomorrow from London and all different parts of Birmingham with weapons and attacking lads from this area for retaliation over what has happened". 

Another threat shared on Snapchat reads: "Just know man try kill me I'm gonna kill you first no joke."

The police responded to an account which shared some of the messages online, saying: "We have just issued a statement on these rumours. At this stage, there is nothing to corroborate the social media posts but we are monitoring the situation."

Police have asked those who made threats to respect the wishes of the teenager's family.

Assistant chief constable Matt Ward said in a statement: "We are aware of rumours circulating on social media suggesting there will be disorder in Kingstanding this weekend in retribution for the murder of Dea-John Reid.

“At this stage, there is nothing to corroborate the social media posts but our intelligence unit is monitoring the situation.

"Disorder will not be tolerated and officers will be on patrol to respond to incidents and to ensure the safety of the public.

“Our investigation into Dea-John’s murder has progressed well and at speed. We have already charged three suspects with murder and they are now in prison on remand.

"Our enquiries are continuing and we are determined to bring to justice anyone who had involvement in the attack.

“Dea-John’s mum has issued a tribute to her son in which she pleaded for the violence to stop. I would urge people to listen to her, let us get on with the job and not to take matters into their own hands.”

Birmingham residents shared their fears over the violent threats.

One wrote: "What happened to that poor boy was wrong, my heart breaks for his family. I can understand the anger, but inflicting more pain on more innocent teens wont solve anything."

Another posted: "Shocking world we live in. Keep your lads in with you for a while."

Community leader Desmond Jaddoo, who has been helping to support Dea-John's family, said: "What happened was a tragic crime but we cannot lose focus. Let the police do their job, which they have been doing at great speed.

"What is most important is supporting the family. We will be calling the community together on Sunday for a vigil in Dea-John's honour. We don't need further division or loss of life.

"It doesn't matter if you are black, white, asian or any other ethnicity, we need calm and focus right now."

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