Bake Off contestant Ali Imdad films racist passenger blaming him for 'all these bombings' in rant

BAKE Off contestant Ali Imdad has shared footage of a racist passenger blaming him for “all these bombings" in a sick bus rant. 

The baker had been travelling on the bus over the weekend when the unsettling confrontation unfolded – with the 33-year-old saying he was "made to feel like a criminal". 

The owner of Cocoa by Ali described how the woman sitting next to him on the bus began ranting about “Asians” before accusing Mr Imdad of “all these bombings” while travelling on the 94 bus service just after 6pm on Saturday.

But rather than offering Mr Imdad support after the passenger’s tirade, the bus driver instead “asked him to get off the bus" – despite being miles from his stop.

None of the other passengers on the bus did anything to support Mr Imdad, the Bake Off Contestant said.  

Sharing footage of the unpleasant rant on Twitter, Mr Imdad wrote: “Not only was I called a bomber and accused of ruining the country for being Asian, when I challenged the Karen, the driver threatened to throw ME off the National Express West Midlands bus. 

“In a packed bus, no one said a thing.” 

Ali, who placed ninth in the 2013 series of The Great British Bake Off, continued: “No. Despite the undying urge to, I did not reply with: 'I was on the Great British Bake Off b****', you can't get any more British than that''. 

In the footage filmed by Mr Imdad, the woman is heard saying: “Fifty years ago – there was no Asians. Now it's everywhere.”

Sitting next to her, Mr Imdad asks: “So?” 

But the woman says: “What have you done to the country?” 

Mr Imdad replies: “What have I done to the country? What have you done to the country?”

The woman answers: “All these bombings.” 

Mr Imdad responds: “Oh so I have done the bombings?” 

The female passenger adds: “Yeah you have.” 

“So I have done the bombings?” 

And as the woman steps out of her seat, she retorts: “Yeah, people like you.” 

As the exchange becomes more heated, Mr Imdad tells the woman to “get off” the bus, but instead of supporting him, the man standing behind him “defended” the woman, despite her rant. 

Mr Imdad told the Mail Online: “I guess what was really infuriating was that in a bus full of people – nobody spoke up.

“In the middle of that tirade of abuse I just felt so alone.”

Mr Imdad also explained how the bus driver stopped the bus shortly after the woman left at Nechells. 

He told the Mail: “The bus driver heard what was being said because a minute or two later he literally stopped the bus, pulled the keys out, stepped outside and said: "I need you to get off the bus." He was talking to me.”

According to Mr Imdad, the driver told him it was because he was “shouting” and said he could leave the bus and call the police if he wanted to. 

But Mr Imdad said he’d stay quiet until his stop, adding: “It was really weird because why didn't he do that when she was shouting?” 

Sharing his experience, he said: “Just for existing, just because my skin pigments are slightly darker than hers, I am not only victimised I am made to feel like I am the criminal by being told to get off the bus because I am defending my human rights.” 

Mr Imdad is believed to have reported the incident to West Midlands Police who are investigating the incident.  

He started to film the woman’s rant after hearing her say “there were too many Asians here”. 

A spokeswoman for the National Express West Midlands who run the 94 bus said: “National Express West Midlands takes strong action on racial abuse. 

“We encourage anyone experiencing hate crime on public transport to report it to West Midlands Safer Travel police.”

A West Midlands Police spokesman told the Mail: “We’re investigating an alleged hate crime after a man was racially and verbally abused by another passenger while on board the 94 bus on Corporation Street, Birmingham at around 6.15pm on December 20.

“Enquiries continue and anyone with information is asked to contact us via live chat at between 8am and midnight, or call 101 anytime. Crimestoppers can be called anonymously on 0800 555 111. Please quote crime reference 20BW/317986M/20.”

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