BBC Weather: Britain to bask in 21C warmth as Azores plume sinks in after rainy spell

UK Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts high temperatures

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BBC forecaster Carole Kirkwood said Britain is set to bask in 21C warmth on Thursday. The highest temperatures to be recorded “in the south but overall higher than they have been across the country”. Warm conditions are expected to stay on through Friday. Ms Kirkwood also warned pollen levels will be high on Tuesday in Wales and southern England, but “either moderate and low for the rest of the UK”. She added that an “odd rumble of thunder to be heard on Wednesday afternoon in southeastern parts of England and eastern Scotland, but “sunny intervals and highs up to 19C.”

Speaking at BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood said: “On Thursday, high pressure is building from the southwest.

“There will be a few weather fronts toppling over the top of it, but we are dragging in this mild air across the whole of the UK.

“The highest temperatures will be in the south, but temperatures generally will be higher than they have been across the country.

“A lot of dry and sunny weather to start with in England, and Wales a bit more client developing through Thursday afternoon.

“We have got our weather fronts toppling across the top of that bringing in some rain at times across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Temperatures 10C in Lerwick to 21C in the southeast, possibly 22C if we hang on to the sunshine before that cloud builds in.

“As we move on into Friday, we have got various weather fronts slipping southwards, taking the cloud into rain with them.”

Ms Kirkwood continued: “In between, there will be some sunshine, but the wind changing to more often northwesterly so something a bit fresher coming in across the northern half of Scotland.

“As we push further south across the rest of the country, we are still looking at some warm conditions as temperatures up to 20C degrees in London”.

Referring to today’s weather forecast, she warned: “Today there is a lot of cloud around.

“Anywhere from the Midlands northwards you can see some patchy rain or indeed some drizzle coming out of that cloud.

“Throughout the day mist and fog will tend to lift, but as the sun comes out across Wales and the southwest parts of Northern Ireland that will spark off some showers and some of those could be heavy and also thundery temperatures.


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“Pollen levels are high in Wales and southern England, but for the rest of the UK they are either low or moderate.

Talking about Wednesday, the BBC forecaster said: “On Wednesday, we start off with that rain [from Tuesday evening] moving eastwards, followed by some of it hading southwards as well.

“By the end of Wednesday afternoon, most of that will be confined to the far southeastern quarter but it could be heavy across some southern and eastern parts of England and eastern Scotland.

“You may just hear that odd rumble of thunder but it will brighten up out towards the west with some sunny intervals and highs up to about 19C degrees”.

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